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Thread: Comprehensive Arms PvE Guide 4.0.3

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    Raid requirements > personal dps. For me, the simple answer is if adds need to die asap then you kill it asap. Obviously you have to take tank aggro, positioning and boss aoe into account.

    Personally I try to use Bladestorm when I have low rage so that it acts as a second Deadly Calm and I have a full rage bar after it finishes. If you do happen to have 75 rage when you need to BS, then awesome, go nuts and hope you crit.

    I also use this macro for my Bladestorm which covers the above situation. Hit it once to start Bladestorming and hit it again after you finish to cancel Inner Rage (if you managed to have the rage to cast it).

    #showtooltip Bladestorm
    /cast Inner Rage
    /cast Bladestorm
    /cancelaura Inner Rage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muffin Man View Post
    To stay on the current topic, it looks like Inner Rage / Deadly Calm can be used in conjunction if you watch the order of operations. I don't believe this has always been the case though, so it kind of sounds like a bug. Or maybe its I'm wrong and we should learn this habit for extra dps.
    Correct, the tooltip for Deadly Calm is that you cannot use this ability if you use Inner Rage while its active.

    Basically if you activate Deadly Calm when you have enough rage to use Inner Rage you get a free 10 secs of skill spam with 15% increased damaged. Remember you can spam Inner Rage throughout the duration to refresh it.

    I still need to make some IR macros though, I have about 3 I use for tanking where IR is activated whenever I hit SS but it deactivates if I need to interrupt or use shield block.

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    With the changes to IR it sounds as though we will be using it completely different from how we are using it now. I think I'm ok with that but it seems that it will get used even less as all it does is reduce the cool down on HS/Cleave to 1.5 sec. This seems to suggest more tanking utility than DPS (I always feel like I have more rage while tanking than DPSing.)
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    They finally killed it. Inner Rage is gone.

    Although, I want to comment on the change. Halving the CD on HS and Cleave only effects future rage income. High rage is ONLY the result of past rage income. So having an ability that allows you spend rage faster in the future completely ignores what happens in the past, and once again you have an ability that is the incorrect answer to the problem. It's certainly a step forward, because it won't be a punishment like it previous was, but it's still ... wrong. Inner rage still seems like a "if you plan to stand in fire then use this ability" situation.

    It seems as if Blizzard doesn't really get the dynamics of rage and just how backwards the limitations become.

    To try to make it more cleanly illustrated:
    1. You cap rage when you get hit for damage. From here, your rage income is back to normal.
    2. Use IR. You HS and MS and are down to 40 or so instantly(I don't know exact values) and are, almost immediately, no longer in a high rage state. And thus, you no longer have any use for IR. If you were to use HS in 1.5 seconds as well as your rotational ability, you would now be rage starved.

    Just a blind guess at the moment, but it might work better if it behaved more like a cache for excess rage that procs when you reach the cap and serves as an essential 125 rage cap. But with an internal CD. So the rage that would have been lost due to a 100 maximum is converted to damage.
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    i didnt really care for the way it worked before, and this new change makes me a little glad i didnt really get into using it alot.

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    Here's the text, BTW:

    Inner Rage has been redesigned. It now reduces the cooldown on Heroic Strike and Cleave by 50% (to 1.5 second) for the next 15 seconds. 1-minute cooldown. It still cannot be used during Deadly Calm. This ability was originally designed to help warriors with rage capping, but the Heroic Strike and rage normalization changes seem to have solved that problem on their own. This new design will still allow warriors to burn off excess rage faster, at their discretion.
    If I wanted be snarky I'd rephrase it like this:

    Inner Rage was designed to allow warriors to dump rage when it was impossible to do so effectively via Heroic Strike. However, we did a good job with rage balance this expansion, and Warriors have been able to dump rage via Heroic Strike just fine. As such, we've redesigned Inner Rage to allow warriors to dump rage faster when it is impossible to do so effectively via Heroic Strike.
    But I'm not being snarky.

    In all seriousness, I still won't use this ability. It's still an ability that lets you dump rage faster, but I can do that just fine via HS. It's just more useless now because I can't even do some crazy macro-based optimization. Heck, like Kamani pointed out, it still suffers from the issue of affecting future rage income.

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    yeah this is kinda stupid... at best, it will be used, so you can fire off 2 really fast HS's then, you're no longer "swimming in rage" and you will throttle it back down to whenever your rage is >60 or whatever, so it's kinda... dumb...

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    It's a rather pointless change for a pointless ability that they released. To this day, I still maintain that this ability was added in for no other reason that they overshot the amount of rage we would get.

    As such, useless ability is useless, in both arms and fury. It's not even on my bar tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krenian View Post
    It's a rather pointless change for a pointless ability that they released. To this day, I still maintain that this ability was added in for no other reason that they overshot the amount of rage we would get.

    As such, useless ability is useless, in both arms and fury. It's not even on my bar tbh.
    Well the live version, you should ALWAYS use it with Bladestorm and then OP then cancel if you arms. I'm not sure, but maybe another ability too.

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    I'm confused how are you guys popping BS with Inner Rage? Are you just waiting to hit 75 rage? Isn't that going to screw up your Overpowers?

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