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Thread: Cata 4.X "Unhittable" Macro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinafoi View Post
    Yep. Emphasis being on the not possible yet. We may see it being hit as early as tier 12 heroic gear, and more likely around tier 13.
    Well, unless blizz changes DRs or nerfs avoidance/mastery in some other way, warriors should definitely get there next tier. Right now I can get to about 91% unbuffed with an ilv of 366. If I were a night elf with absolute full BiS gear, I'm sure it would be closer to 95% (closing in on 100% raid-buffed, counting mastery elixir). I'm fairly certain raid buffs + a substantial boost in ilv from ~390 gear would push us warriors over.

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    I currently have 84.9% combined dodge+parry+block+miss, so with shield block up I'm at 109.9% yet I frequently see full hits even though
    I should be fully covered. Did any of you guys experience it and if not what is the reason behind it?

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