What im looking for is feedback on what stats should we be shooting for as Death Knight Tanks

Im not tanking big stuff yet, just heroics ,but I want to be effective so , what is ideal Parry, Dodge, Hit Points, and Mastery we should be looking for ? ( mind you for heroics ) As it is im at 145k ish hp unbuffed, Mastery is 13.96 ( 87%) Dodge 13.04 parry 12.78 . I do have a 2.70 % chance to miss things, but i have not run into any issues yet with not keeping agro. I will work that out in time having enough hit cap.

And im not asking if what i have is good or not, just showing what i have, and the point of all this , is what should , or what is ideal numbers we should be shooting for , in heroics. to work our way up to 10 - 25 mans.
Thank you.