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Thread: Vanilla-->Cataclysm

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    Hello everyone!

    I started playing wow in the early vanilla, but due to financial issues, left right after BC came out. I've now getting a comp upgrade and want to take up on wow adventures once again, but doing some research on what has changed, came upon a lot of stuff I don't quiet understand.
    I've played a warrior(tank) back in the days and am now thinking of rolling a brand new warrior which is going to be specced fury, so here are the questions:
    1) Which race should I pick- worgen for the sick looks and speed racial or human for rep+expertise+EMFH(racial)
    2) How viable has reputation become in cataclysm and are resistance gear pieces needed from various factions and crafting recepies? Thats mainly for my choice of either a human or a worgen.
    3) What are the expertise and hit hard/soft caps now and do they matter a lot if I'll be standing behind the boss for most of the time?
    4) Recruit a friend- planning to be the recruited person. Now is it worth it? The only benefits I seem to get are the mount, +10% rep, 300%xp bonus IF my friend is in a party with me and a possibility to summon him, while he gets bonus levels on his alts from my levels, 30day playtime and other bonuses I get.
    5) What are the best professions to get more achievements and bonuses for a warrior?
    6) Most important- what are the stats to stress- arp, crit, haste, hit etc?
    *Not sure if this is the right section to post this, so feel free to move this topic if you like.

    Thank you in advance.

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    1. Race doesn't really matter. Pick the one that has the best look in your opinion. The racial abilites are generally balanced in a way that only in MIN/MAX situations would it matter.
    2. Reputation is a big thing now, but at the same time its also extremely easy to get for most factions that would even matter. We now get tabards that award reputation when worn in certain level instances. Plus there are rep guild perks early in the leveling that gives better reputation earnings.
    3. For dps like furry hitting the Hit and Expertise soft caps is very important. Expertise soft cap is 26 which is what you should shoot for. For dual weilding furry I believe the Hit soft cap to aim for is 27%, for Arms its 8%
    4. Sorry can't help ya with RAF.
    5. Professions generally are a matter of taste. I do believe the Min/Max for warriors is still Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing. Both are very expensive to level as to have both you would need an alt to mine for you are crazy amounts gold to buy the ore to level them both.
    6. For stats, once you get to your Expertise and Hit caps, I believe it stat priority is STR>CRIT>HASTE. I have not been able to find much info on mastery for Arms and Fury. A trip to the Dps forum here at TankSpot will probably shed more light on the subject.

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    1) as said before racials arent too important, i would reccomend either human or worgen if you plan on pvping extensively though.
    2) reputation is very important but very easy to build up and no resistance peices arent needed as of yet. went through all of wrath of the lich king without resistance peices being needed either(there was frost resist gear but it was more use it if you want but its not needed)
    3)expertise and hit cap are both very needed for melle dps
    4)RAF is more for if you want the mount or if you want to genuinely play with your friend. it will speed up the leveling but not too substantially. In my opinion if you have a friend you really want to lvl with then do it, it cant hurt.
    5)as said before if your going for min/max then black smithing and JC but your going to want a miner alt or crazy amounts of cash. engineering is also fairly good, especially in pvp.
    6)soft cap for dual wield fury is still 8% the hard cap is 27% which is what most fury warriors are aiming for just to get their rage gen high enough. im not sure about arms but i know the stat priority for fury is
    Hit 8%>expertise soft cap>Strength>hit 27%>crit>haste>mastery

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    Race is all personal preference. All of the Alliance races have useful racials (although Gnomes don't offer a lot to a Fury Warrior). Personally I'd go with a Draenei because having a tail is awesome, but Worgen and Human are both solid choices.

    I agree with the other posters - reputation is important but pretty easy to obtain.

    You certainly do need to be hit/expertise capped for raiding. I wouldn't worry too much about it for leveling though. Bosses can be missed and can dodge when attacked from behind, but cannot parry from behind. You need 8% hit and 26 expertise to push misses (with a single weapon, and any special attacks) and dodges off of the attack table. If you're dual-wielding (which I hope you are as Fury!) then your auto-attacks (white swings) have a 27% chance to miss - you don't need to get the full 27%, however Fury does love high hit rating and seeks it out specifically.

    As far as RAF goes, definitely do it. You get the boosted xp to 60, which in my opinion is perfect because you learn very little besides the extreme basics of your class from 1-60.

    Professions - as mentioned earlier BS/JC is the best for raiding and min/maxing, but since this is your first toon and you won't have a ton of cash lying around, I'd highly suggest at least one gathering profession. Herbalism makes very good gold right now, and its bonus was reworked to be a halfway decent haste cooldown (not the best but it'll do).

    ArP no longer exists. I believe there's a Fury guide on these forums somewhere, maybe in the DPS forums? I'm too lazy to check.

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    Thank you all for the replies. I think I'm gonna go with a human and maybe change to a worgen if I so desire. I do have a question regarding your answers though. Could you explain why JC+BS are the most essential professions to take? I assume BS for the gear, but why JC? Isnt like Ench with 80 str on each ring better then 3 gems with 67 str, or Skinning instead of BS as 80 crit strike rating?
    Oh and one more question, are there any addons or anything that might tell me how many of whatever stat rating is neeed for 1% of that particular stat? E.g. How how much crit rating is 1% crit strike chance?

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    BS you get the extra sockets, with JC you get JC only gems that you can put into those sockets, that can be ANY stat you want. Enchanting can only do primary stats, JC can do secondary stats.

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    Hit/Exp -- don't get caught up in hard numbers, not until you're ready to raid.

    Hit -> MUST have 8% for Fury. 8.01%-27% is for rage generation basically (which is very important). You probably will get comfortable with ~20% hit.
    Exp -> @85, until you're in raiding gear, 26 exp may not be viable. That's jut the way it is. When you gear up, it will be.

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