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Thread: Paladin tank need advice

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    Paladin tank need advice


    I have a Prot Pally with 13.36% Dodge, 12.26% parry and 120k life. I think my health is so low and i am taking too much damage. What should i do ?

    Btw as you see my trinkets are not protection trinkets .

    Tnx for help
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    first off - enchants, enchants and enchants

    no helm enchant - not even wotlk one
    no shoulder enchant - if u did deepholm, u should have access to therazane honored at least, otherwise, sons of holdir

    chest enchants - theres a cheap +55 stamina if u dont want to go for the +75 sta
    wrists - again, there's a cheap sta enchant
    belt - could do with a belt socket but given the costs of it at the moment, its somewhat forgiveable
    pants - get the cheap lworking enhancement - the one with agility and stamina
    boots - again - cheap enchant - earthern vitality or something like that

    a lot of the above enchants other than helm or shoulders are cheap as most ppl levelling their skills would have early access to them
    for helm and shoulders, even if u don't have the rep yet, nothing stopping u from using the wotlk versions

    please get the enchants - it annoys me to heck that a person who is serious about tanking isnt even doing the bare minimum in terms of enchants - please get them!

    trinkets - try for leaden despair - drops off last boss in stonecore - +329 stamina there

    gem ur relic!!

    also, work on ur mining - thats a big stamina boost right there as well

    other than that, defense stats wise, ur fine - it will take us time to build up to what we were used to in wotlk due to slower gear progression

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    Ty for help

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    Also looking for some advice on how to optimize my char for the first raids to come.
    Ofc. replacing the green gems with blue ones is first thing to do, just waiting for our jewelcrafter to learn the recipes ;-)

    In another thread I read Sta+Mastery>Parry+Dodge>Rest; does that apply even for Exp+Hit while below cap? So: should I go and reforge hit+exp even below cap?

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    I will also use this thread as it is stupid to start a new thread with the same questions, I have done som raids on my paladin. But I feel kinda squishy compared with my fellow warrior tank (hes better geared but the difference is huge!). I have reforged hit to get to cap, and expertise is softcapped(I think? not great with numbers).. The question here is, what should I strive after?


    (btw first post! )

    Very much thanks in advance!

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