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Thread: Chance to be Missed

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    Chance to be Missed

    Please pardon my ignorance if this has been answered but I have been looking and did not see it if it was.

    Is our base chance to be missed still 5%? My understanding is that used to be built automatically into the combat table and of course this chance was increased by .04 when defense was a stat in the game. With defense removed, has there been any testing to see if the combat table was change or is our base chance to be missed still 5%? It seems like this could be important for some discussions.

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    It's still exactly the same.
    The only difference is that you can no longer increase it.
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    By that he means each tank now has a 'cannot be crit' talent - the basic talent that turns that tree into the tanking tree. +Defense was removed as a stat.

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    As a different note, "Defense" was not removed. "Defense Rating" was. The combat table still determines its base values on one unit's weapon skill versus the other unit's defense skill. You no longer have to level defense or weapon skill, it is always set to its maximum now of 5 times your character level (425 at level 85). These fundamental concepts still exist in the system in how it works, you just can no longer directly modify either of these values through ratings. They still exist behind the scenes. It is because of these stats that you still require 5.6% reduced chance to be crit against a mob 3 levels higher than yourself. They have a 5% base chance to crit, and gain an additional 0.2% chance to crit per 5 weapon skill higher than your defense skill. All tanking specs have a talent now which reduces chance to be crit by 6% which covers this automatically, but it still exists. Behind the scenes the combat table is very much the same.

    And yes, base miss rate is still 5%. The only modifier to that is the Night Elf racial, Quickness.
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