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Thread: Al'Akir

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    phase 3

    If you miss the debuff in phase 3 here is what you can do:

    Start all the way in the bottom.
    When cloud 1 and 2 comes, move a little up (as in the video)
    On cloud 3, move all the way to the top.
    Cloud 4 and 5, move a little down.
    Cloud 6, move all the way down. The first three clouds have despawned by then.

    Repeat this and the only enrage time to worry about is the ten-minute (?) one.

    Tested to work on 10m.

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    We start at the top, go down three times then go back to the top again.

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    Then you have to go through clouds and take damage If you do what I posted there will be no damage from clouds...

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    They change the cloud pre-animation on this for phase 3?
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    Going to go in for our first pulls on him tonight. One thing I haven't seen anywhere online is, does he need to be tanked in Phase 3 or is he actually just "channeling" the entire phase? Looks like he's channeling, and therefore doesn't need to be tanked in the video.

    Otherwise, everything seems very straightforward.

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    He doesn't melee in ph 3, so your tank should go all out and dps.
    If played correctly, that phase has little to no potential of killing anyone until the healers oom. Good luck

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    The best advise I can give guilds that struggle with this encounter is to have good coordination and have people active and calling out stuff on ventrillo/teamspeak.

    This fight is a lot about coordination and less about doing good DPS. We used the following tricks and tips to master this encounter:

    Have 5 groups with each 1 healer (mt group has 2 healers). Assign raidmarkers and let everyone stand in 5 groups around the boss. (There is a good guide about this at http://25man.com/cata-guides/al-akir . This guide is generally very good for people that need to master this encounter)

    For phase 2:
    Assign attleast 4 ranged DPS on Stormlings (together with 1 tank). Kill one stormling and debuff Al Akir. You have 20 seconds to kill another stormling and refresh the debuff. Have one person do a countdown from 10 to 1 on ventrillo so everyone can help and time the kill of the Stormling. Trust me this works wonders!!

    The math behind 4 Ranged
    Average Ranged DPS in an average guilde in phase 2 = 13k
    20 seconds of DPS is = 20 x 13k = 260K
    Stormling has around 1 million hp => so 4 ranged are needed to be sure for the kill
    If the add goes down to fast => 1 ranged can back off

    In phase 3:
    You should stack up and mark the raidleader. This ensures everyone knows where to stand. call out for the person who has the lightning bomb.

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    As a tank for this fight, what trinkets do I want to focus on?

    Avoidance, Stamina, or Resistance?

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    This is the last fight we need, and for issues in time we only try it in 10m, we're pushing Halfus in HM in 25m, etc, but there is no way in hell that we manage to survive p3 in Al'akir, after the 1st cloud, even with everybody alive and topped, is just a cluster fuck, we stack in p3 and the rod guy strifes to a side. We started going all the way up, and the windburst sends ppl in every direction and having them all re-stacked is like a moon landing, then we tried going down and instead of up, with the same result, is there any way to make this easier for the 3d impaired? Is driving me crazy. We found that Nef is actually easier in 25m than 10m, let along Chogal, should we push this in 25m too? The crap loot plus the 3D environment makes ppl hates this fight and hardly there is a good incentive to do it beyond the 1st kill. Any help is welcome.

    Edit: Wrongly we all thought the electric effect of the cloud was the cloud itself, which is not, the graphic of the real cloud happens few seconds before, when the electric effect happens is already too late, shoot me now. He's dead... 1 shot /cry.
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