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Thread: Squishy DK....or slow heals?

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    Squishy DK....or slow heals?

    Hey all,

    I've been tanking on this toon since about halfway through Wrath, and am really solidifying my role as a MT in the guild I'm currently in.

    My biggest problem is the perception that I am "squishy". I'm not convinced this is entirely the case, and I'd like to hear some differing opinions on it...

    I certainly don't want to lose a raid spot because I'm not doing everything I can, and even more so if the fault doesn't lie with me.

    I'm looking over the logs, but to be honest, I'm not really sure what I'm looking at/for, so I'd love it if someone could either point me in the right direction, or tell me I'm a failtank.

    Anyways...the links.



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    I'm a healer, and unfamiliar with the new Cata raids, so here's what I see (looking at WoL for all boss encounters):
    -You are taking much less damage than the 'main' tank Tyronius. At least I assume he's supposed to be taking more damage, because otherwise HE is the squishy one and you're getting ignored because the healers have to focus on him.
    -You're taking almost exactly AS MUCH DAMAGE as the other paladin tank Taufeel (5.74% total vs 5.63% total--you're taking a little less of the overall dmg than him)
    -You're taking LESS HEALING than Taufeel (he's getting 7% of the total vs your 6% of the total)
    -You're doing MORE SELF-HEALING than Taufeel (you are healing yourself more than anybody but Oyume, doing 13% of your healing received vs his 1%)

    So, you're taking the same amount of damage but getting less heals... sounds like a healer problem or coordination problem to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by campion View Post
    My biggest problem is the perception that I am "squishy". I'm not convinced this is entirely the case, and I'd like to hear some differing opinions on it...
    Who's perception are we talking about?

    If it's just perception you're worried about then there are some things to help people not get the wrong idea.
    1) don't reforge avoidance/mastery into expertise
    2) only use gems that have stamina (blue, green, purple)

    That'll give people the impression that you just care about survivability I guess.

    I know I have a neurosis about matching socket bonuses. I had a healer who used to get on my case about it all the time. As well as pushing inferior higher GS pieces on me (I explained to him that something with 2 sockets > something with 0 sockets and a lot of block value even if the latter is 7 ilvls higher). Of course this gave him the impression I was squishy when he'd leave a FoL hot on me for 5 seconds and be surprised I was 'dead again'. Or when his Holy Shock didn't crit and instead healed me for 8k and I was dead after 'being topped off'.

    The other healers in the guild didn't have problems keeping me up either so I didn't really sweat it.

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    Cata has obviously brought changes to tanking. Health pools are larger, boss swings are relatively smaller, and healer mana is precious. This conditions has created an effective diminishing returns for stamina (at a certain point, your just eating the mana of the healer until they run out). For these reasons, avoidance and mastery are becoming much stronger stats for survivability. You have already reforged correctly from what I can tell but your gems do not reflect this. You are gemming for mostly stamina. I suggest runeforging the swordshattering rune and regemming (at least the chimeras) into mastery. Just my 2 cents

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    Stacking stamina everywhere will only lead to about 20k extra health....
    Mitigation feels to be the key now... allow yourself the opportunity to stack dodge/parry
    The only other stat im keeping high is my expertise to me hitting hard for threat...
    Cooldowns are your friend! IBF - Bone Shield - DRW
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