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Thread: Does the 100 int offhand enchantment make staffs inferior?

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    Does the 100 int offhand enchantment make staffs inferior?

    I'm trying to figure out what items to use on my priest. The real thing is that, with a staff you get Heartsong, with a 1h and an oh you get heartsong plus 100 int. Right now my main hand is 333 while my offhand is 346, and i've got a 346 staff and I think it's stats end up edging it out, but if you compare (healing gear) the 346 main hand and offhand against the staff, with heartsong on both and +100 int on the offhand you get:
    1H OH - 397 int, 189 spirit, 198 mastery (784 total stats), 1729 spellpower
    Staff- 302 int, 202 spirit, 202 haste, (706 total stats), 1732 spellpower

    That's a 78 point difference. As far as I can tell there are no exclusive 2H enchants for staffs that would give it any advantage over 1H and offhand. Am I wrong, did I miss something?

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    At this time all casters will want to use a one handed weapon and an offhand both of the maximum item level because yes there is no staff specific enchant to balance the difference gained by having two enchants instead of one. I imagine in the future they will add a staff only enchant in an attempt to balance things out but right now if item level is equivalent a one hander and off hand always comes out ahead.
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