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Thread: Gonna try to get a raid formed in my guild, what should I know about classes, etc?

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    Gonna try to get a raid formed in my guild, what should I know about classes, etc?

    Well, I think my guild is ready to raid, but they don't think they are. First off, I'm not an officer or nothing, just one of the main raiders/tanks in the guild. What can I do to get em to at least try a new raid?

    Would Baradin Hold for the easiest to get going or would the first boss in Blackwing Descent be more preferable to start?

    Also, what classes should I be looking at to bring if I try and get a raid started for my guild? Or instead of classes, what should I be looking at bringing dps wise, healer wise, one or two tanks, etc.

    Right now, my health is 134k unbuffed, can usually get it up to 148k buffed in a 5 man, which I guess would be higher in a 10 man raid if I have the right buffs, not to mention flasks, etc. What kind of dps should we be bringing? Average dps per character and what not. And then what about healers, 2 or 3 healers and are certain healing classes better to have over others or what? Same with dps and tanks?

    And one more thing, how can I make myself not sound like an elitist ass or something if we know someone can't take the raid, but wants to go anyways? I'm already having a hard time with this in heroics because the people who say they wanna come, they can get in, but I know em and they just wouldn't survive in there at the bare minimum gear wise, no matter how good a player they were.

    How's this raid comp. look for a 10m?

    Tanks: pally (me), one more
    Healers: pally, one or two more
    Ranged DPS: mm hunter, arcane mage, ele shaman
    Melee DPS: fury warrior, fury warrior

    Need to check with another guildie that tanks to see if he can be there and possibly another healer if we need three rather than two. Gotta check with the shaman healer as well. All the dps are around 8.5-12kish.
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    I'm guessing we're nowhere ready yet?

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    If I were you, the very first thing I'd do is to familiarize myself with all the boss videos. You'll need to know them anyway if you're going to be raid leading, and watching them should help you to figure out what the requirements are for your group.

    I don't know how good a benchmark it is, but I think my warrior is raid ready (haven't been in one yet), and he is at 344 average ilvl, and 167k HP party buffed and flasked. That was doable with around 10 days of 1 to 2 heroics per night.
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    I'm at ilvl 340, 150k hp in a heroic buffed, assuming it'll be higher with flasks and raid buffs. And of course I've been watching the videos.

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    Basically a great raid setup will give you all the buffs you need without burdening yourself with players who can't keep up with the rest of the raid.

    A good balance I'd say is 2 tanks (one with a good dps spec) 3 healers (also one with a good dps spec) and 5 dps (3 ranged 2 melee). Your ranged will preferably have good ranged aoe abilities for bosses like Magmaw and Chogall, and your melee will have good interrupting abilities for bosses like Halfus and Omnitron.

    Heroism is a nice bonus especially while your undergeared it can be the difference between hitting the enrage timer and downing the boss.

    From the classes you posted you already have get the hunter to go Surv it's way better DPS and will also bring a 10% melee/ranged haste buff. Also quite sure frost is best spec for mages atm.

    Baradins Hold is definately the easiest encounter to start with and then I'd suggest Omnotron Defense System -> Halfus or Magmaw. I used Aliena's videos for leading my raid through the current content and they were fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noima View Post
    A good balance I'd say is 2 tanks (one with a good dps spec) 3 healers (also one with a good dps spec) and 5 dps (3 ranged 2 melee).
    Most bosses are not very melee friendly, having one regular melee and your dedicated offtank speccing around looks way more attractive to me at the moment.

    Any healer combination can work, a holy paladin is a huge plus as well as having classes capable of healing themselves and others (shadowpriests & enhancer dropping healing rain all the time - they really shine in aoe damage situations). Bringing any druid for battleres and tranquility is a huge plus, too. In general you don't want to bring to many duplicates of one class/specc and want to get all buffs & debuffs you can ( http://raidcomp.mmo-champion.com helps) to maximise your potential.

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