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Thread: What do you think Blizz needs to implement?

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    I only want to see one thing implemented soon-ish.

    Use the wasted space that is Kharazan Crypt!

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    1) LAN support for StarCraft 2.

    2) Long-time subscriber benefits, preferably a subscription rate discount.

    3) A one time fee for the lifetime ability to transfer unlimited characters.

    4) Updated character models for all the classic WoW races.

    5) Public speaking lessons for Mike Morhaime. Please, for the love of God, someone teach him how to give a presentation. As much as I like the guy, it's painful to watch him give the keynote address at Blizzcon.
    Hit me. I dare you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Invincibelf View Post
    I only want to see one thing implemented soon-ish.

    Use the wasted space that is Kharazan Crypt!
    DEAR GOD YES!!!!

    I remember the first time I went down there ... the upside down room!!!

    I remember when the instance finally came out, and I ran it on the PTR and said to myself "WTF IS THIS @%&%@^@!@#*&%$@!%&#^%*%@#@#$&^&*@$&$%^% <insert even more derogatory terms> WHERE IS MY UPSIDE DOWN ROOM!" and most of my raid had no idea what I was talking about. I think that was the saddest part that no one else in my guild had been down there.

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    Start all new characters at level 55 once you have 1 max level character.

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    Need tutorials of sorts, to teach people that don't catch on very quick how to play their toons! If there was a broader in game knowledge base that people could tap into, giving a better description of their toon's spells/abilities and the general purpose of said abilities! I am of mind that something like this would result in less QQ about raids & dungeons being too hard, thereby reducing nerfs, and making the pool of good players much larger in which to recruit from!

    I understand there are people that are just bad and no amount of info will help them because they are not willing to help themselves but for those who just don't know and are afraid to ask much for fear of being flamed something like this would be great! If for no other reason than the info is right there in-game and there isn't the need to go to a 3rd party theorycrafting site to learn the do's and don'ts of you class & spec! New players don't necessarily know that you need to go outside of the game client to get the solid info on your toon, and don't want to ask about the how,when, what&why for fear of being torn apart by cruel people that we all know are all over the place in WoW now-a-days!

    In conclusion, I point out my sig., and hope that something like this would work toward curing the ignorant, while nothing can cure the stupid!
    Ignorance can be cured through education,but Stupidity is chosen ignorance!

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    World of Warcraft needs more emphasis on the solo player.

    Now, before you burn me at the stake hear me out!

    I've played this game for six years now & I love it. World of Warcraft has been practically the best game I've ever played; but I recently played a new game called Dungeon Hunter: Alliance that may have broken the spell Blizzard has had over me. DH:A is basically a Diablo clone but with upgraded graphics. It's a very fun game (though a bit repetitive)! It made me realize that I really enjoy playing games that are balanced around one person.

    Then I got to thinking, what about all of these games that do well in professional gaming markets. Oh wait, they're almost all single-player oriented. Starcraft 2, Super Street Fighter 4, the various first person shooter games focus on competitive "dueling" whereas World of Warcraft really has no way of excelling individually.

    I understand that World of Warcraft is an MMO, and as such is oriented toward multiple players working together. But seriously, there's not much of a following these days for professional gaming teams. The money's not enough to split and make a living and it's much harder to root for "Paragon" rather than rooting for a personality you recognize like "Idra" (SC2).

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    There was some suggestion that Blizzard may introduce "solo" dungeons. I's speculate and say that they could be instances with some kinda of daily quest which rewards JP or just xp/gold. The instance it's self would (I am hoping) be structured so that you can fill a role within a group of NPC's.

    For example if your specced prot you would be given a tanking role and the other 4 slots would be filled with NPC's who would act as healers and DPS. I would love to see a system like this we already have something in place when you do the Firelands dailies so I think they are half way there.

    As for what I would like to see as a solo player is daily quest chains which take you all over, fighting and collecting. Story driven with a reasonable reward at the end of it. The quest chain can be picked up randomly from someone you find in the world, this would get people out of the cities but not so random that you have to scour the world to find them. Also maybe Phase them so that you do see some progression as the story is told.

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    Mounted combat with a mount that you buy, gear up, talent and train.

    Collision detection in PVP instances so you can actually have meat shields blocking the enemy, adding strategic value to battles.

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    Even I need that for good.

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