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Thread: When do you know if your guild is raid ready ?

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    When do you know if your guild is raid ready ?

    As we prepair for raids by running regular, herioc instance, working on tradeskills and rep. When do I know if we are ready stat wise to give heriocs a shot ?

    How much DPS does the dps need to bring to the table ?
    How much mana should healers have ?
    How much HP should tanks have ?

    What should the avrage HP for healers and dps be ?

    As we start to run heriocs and gear people up I would like to watch and see when I have the basics to gtive begening raids a shot.

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    mana between 70-90k
    tank HP 140k+
    dps - single target bossfights between 8-10k+

    Cry Havoc! And let slip the Ghosts of War..

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    the best way to figure out if your raid ready is to go in and try though. start off with something easy like argaloth then move to a fight that builds off your guilds strengths to once you have him down. if your dps is low, start with a fight that has an easy enrage timer, if your healers are having troubles run 3 heals on a fight (for 10 man) on a fight where your dps can pick up the pace, ect. but the numbers goros said are also a good starting point

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