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Thread: overwhealmed

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    Hello Tankspot users.
    I am a warrior tank fresh into heroics and i gotta say I am overwhealmed
    I understand the hit and expertise caps.
    I understand as a warrior tank that i should go mastery and avodince to try to hit 75 overall
    But with soo much gear to choose from (Heroic drops, Vendors, Crafted recipies) And also reforging in the mix I just dont know which path i should take. Can someone make my pre raid goals more simple?

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    pre raid you want as much 346 ilvl tanking pieces as you can get. rep grinding hyjal, ramkahen, and dragonmaw/wildhammer should be your first few goals to get the 359 ilvl cloak, bracers, and boots that will last you until heroic raids. you can wear a few hit/mastery and/or expertise/mastery pieces if you feel like you need some threat stats for heroics.

    there is no real bis pre-raid tank set since there are many different pieces you could get for each slot from justice points and heroics to get you through the first couple of raid bosses. the blacksmithing crafted shield i would say is a must have since it's not too expensive by now and will last you until heroic raids as well. i wouldn't waste gold on the crafted chest or belt though since your first valor purchase should be your tier chest and there are tanking belts that drop off the starting raid bosses.

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    ok so go for level 346 tanking peices. What about gemming and enchants. I notice a lot of fellow warrior tanks ignoring hit and not so much EHP Like they used to do in WOTLK. Some are going parry/stam Mastery/stam and even full stam. Is there a priority list?

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