Hi everyone

So after being on the server US|Elune, for years. I moved my level 60 priest to the busy realm of Mal'Ganis and faction changed her to a Blood Elf. I finally leveled her up to 85 and now I'm a bit lost!

I kind of underestimated how hard it would be to meet new people and get a new circle of friends going on a whole new realm. And on top of that, I'm not really sure how to play my class to it's fullest potential. I am a Shadow/Disc priest, and I get the gist of it but if anyone has some pointers or some must-knows about being a shadow priest, or a disc priest for that matter, please share I've signed up for the shadowpriest.com website, but still struggling.

Also if anyone is horde on Mal'Ganis, I'm always looking for friends and people to run stuff with, hope to meet you soon!