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Thread: Valor Points for my Bear

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    Valor Points for my Bear

    Hey all,

    I just passed 1K valor points today and deciding on what I'll be getting with my valor points first. My guild is just getting started on raiding and have yet to down anything except for the BH boss. I'm thinking the tier chest in a week or so while praying for good RNG during Baradin Hold. Any ferals going differently than this? What will your 2nd/3rd piece be?

    P.S. I'm sitting on full heroic set with the following epics:

    epic Hyjal tank cape (not ideal, but it works)
    epic Wildhammer gloves
    epic Alchemy trinkets
    soon: epic agility ring from earthen ring

    P.S.S Should I hold off on spending valor on the tier chest and go with LW BOE?
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