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Thread: Cho'gall

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    Research their class, use cooldowns, use flasks, use food, use potions.

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    where is the heroic of chogal and council ?

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    What mages should to with MindControled comrads, freez em, counterspell em?
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    you can use Dragon-Odem as a Fire Mage , to interrupt your comrads while mind-controled
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    As a mage use your interrupt, dragon's breath, etc. Anything that can stun, interrupt, disorient, etc will work on mind controlled allies.

    The tentacles in phase 2 are another story. They don't respond to disorients or sleeps as far as I can tell, you can interrupt them and may be able to stun them. You also should be able to use any aggro drop mechanics that completely remove you from an enemies radar. (Feign Death, etc)

    If you're a mage in a group that's having trouble in phase 2 w/ dps on tentacles but have a decent group that can avoid depravity, slimes and everything else, you may consider using the uber mage tactic. This requires the mage to purposefully gain corruption towards the end of phase one so that once you get into the sticky part of phase 2 (Sub 10%) you will be @ 100% corruption. This is a bad thing in the long run, but its absolutely amazing for spell casting classes in the short run. All casts become instant cast and do double dmg. As an arcane mage you could basically destroy a tentacle with one arcane blast, or as fire you can do the same on a larger scale.

    Either way, good luck and have fun.

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    Completed this fight with 2 DK tanks, Arcane Mage, Marksman Hunter, Shadow Priest, Frost DK, Assassination Rogue, Holy Paladin (me), and 2 Resto Druids.

    Took us like 2 hours after getting up to him. The entire fight is dependent on getting those slimes down. Running this with 3 melee is very difficult. We tried it a couple times but we couldn't get the slimes down on the 3rd wave. Healing this wasn't really a problem. I'd say we could've 2 healed it to force only 3 waves of slimes, but the last phase gets a little hectic with heals. Maybe next time.

    A tip for those who might have trouble healing this fight. If you have a holy paladin, you can basically cheat tank damage during certain parts of the fight. When Cho'gall puts the wrath debuff on the tank before summoning the add, you'll have that tank get the add and have the other tank pick up the boss. Every wrath after that comes before the first one wears off, usually like 6 or 7 seconds before it drops. Have your paladin hit Divine Protection on the tank whose debuff is about to wear off. It basically cancels out the buff for the remaining time and saves you mana.

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