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Thread: Attacks Missing boss!

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    Attacks Missing boss!

    well, i Tanked Argaloth today & was going great but at times i noticed my mangle & lacerates were missing.. im not 100% sure if he dodged parried or if i missed,
    What to do??

    I am 346 item lvl.... Hit(267-2.22%) expertise( 390(+12) says 12 on character screen
    name is smokki(bloodscalp) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../smokki/simple

    Im not sure if i should reforge, gem or what to get all this up, i wasnt sure if it just came with better gear,

    Any advice is welcome thanks!

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    Without 8% hit you will miss attacks but did this give you any serious problems at all? New taunt can't miss and with our low avoidance values vengeance ramp up pretty fast.

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    Ya, but how would i get hit to 8% withought gemming or reforging, if i change reforge lose alot of dodge..

    not huge probs i taunted right back but i shouldnt have to waste a taunt

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    Tanks are not supposed to be hit and expertise capped early in a new expansion. I would not recomment to reforge or gem for them at the moment. Many tanks even reforge away from them towards avoidance or mastery.

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    Like katzazi said, hit and expertise are not too important this early in cata. personally I've reforged some hit and expertise to mastery for survival reasons and cyrrently run with 162 hit rating and 15 expertise.
    As long as your rotation is good threat should be no problem. There's been time's where I was asked to look up something on my other monitor and did so after i pulled the single mob (1.2M skeletons in H SFK) with no mobs and a few seconds of rotation before I afked to look up something. So as long as dps aren't being stupid and know how to use their aggro dumps and watch omen more than recount you should be good.

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    If I can point you over to the hit rating thread you will see some interesting discussion, but most notably the difference in requirements of hit for 10 and 25 man tanks.

    Interrupts are a vital part for tanks in 10 man tanking, and with that a high hit rating is also equally vital; however, in the 25 man variant, you have a plethora of DPS to do these interrupts for you, so you can purely focus on avoidance and mitigation.

    What's more, is that a mob cannot dodge/parry/block a cast, and therefore a melee interrupt, when they are casting - so only hit rating is important for this facet, not so much expertise.

    With the above being said, 10 man tanks should be getting to the hit cap, or as close to it as possible, while reforging expertise for avoidance/mitigation (since threat is not currently an issue with vengeance), and 25 man tanks can probably still purely rely on DPS interrupts and go strict avoidance/mit.
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    thanks guys, if anymore advice keep them coming

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    If you *want* to make sure that things don't miss, you can get a long way with gear selection (there are a lot of at-level alternatives, usually, for some slots), reforging, and gemming. As a Bear you can get away with reforging a lot of dps stats, remember. Haste is nice, but perhaps you'll be happier with hit and expertise.

    You'll be hard-pressed to *cap* without really working hard for it, *but* you don't have to cap to get benefit from increasing your hit and expertise.

    That said, if you don't feel like you need the threat, it is just a matter of not wanting to see misses, you might not bother.

    A quick guideline for the missing though:
    the stats in the OP would give you a 5.78% miss chance, a 3.5% to-be-dodged chance, and a 10.5% to-be-parried chance.
    Every point of expertise will get you double the reduction in chance not to hit that hit rating will until your to-be-dodged chance hits zero.

    I'd take haste and crit preferentially, should you choose to reforge, though they will play nicely with Savage Defense if you don't.
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