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Thread: its going a bit odd...prot warrior

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    its going a bit odd...prot warrior

    well hi giuys
    having some issues so thought id ask the experts here at TS! you lot ALWAYS HELP and have great tips etc...

    well i have been running instances and am finding it HARD and i mean hard ...seems im getting smashed to poo out there so thinking what am i doing wrong? are my stats all buggered have i missed anything? I saved up a LOT of gold so i could get some great items early on to help get doing hc faster ...then i could craft some cool items and eventually make my gold back so win win but unless im missing a huge thing even with some nice pieces im getting buggered left right and center on bosses ....any help advice would be great ...really starting to get a bit down hearted about it used to run heroics daily and love it and raid quite abit but what am i missing or have they made it a LOT harder ? and if so what do you advise to help me get backin shape..i know i need some more gear from factions (windhammer and the egyptian fellas ) but i mean the instanses are nuking the crap out of me ..i also seem to get a very up and down hp ..it can go from full to almost dead vv fast so am i missing a trick here?

    in advance a t to u all for ur help and hav a grat xmas


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    Are you CC'ing trash? Using cooldowns and healing? Communicating with your healer/dps effectively?

    Mobs hit hard, big heals are not something incoming repeatedly. Communication is key.
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    I don't really see anything in your armory profile that would suggest something wrong with your gear. Total avoidance looks good, so does HP and other stats. The one thing that, imo, makes heroics so difficult for a lot of people are weak links in the chain. What I mean by that are people in the group who are not pulling their weight. This is not WotLK anymore, where the only two players that matter are the healer and tank. Not only is CC mandatory (I suggest two to start and later you can go with just one per trash pull) but there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

    If the healer is weak, which lets face it, a lot of healers are having problems right now; they oom too quick and don't have the necessary throughput. DPS might be weak, if they put out too little damage or allow themselves to take too much damage, costing the healer valuable mana and casting time. DPS might also not be providing utility such as interrupts or stuns. Tanks need to use all the tools at their disposal, unlike in WotLK. Disarm, stuns, interrupts, spell reflection, fear, demo shout, silencing, etc all play a major role in being a successful tank. You can't just charge in, spread threat around and think everything will fall into place.

    All and all, heroics are now a lot less forgiving than they were before. Tactics need to be follow and people are required to focus. Unless you run out of fire quickly enough, you'll most likely die, and even if you don't, healing you will cost the healer too much mana and he will run out before the boss dies.

    I suggest learn the mechanics of the encounters, including the trash and the bosses. Figure what are the best ways to deal with them. I see it a lot; people do not deal with mechanics properly and disaster ensues. E.g. there are mobs in deadmine hc that hit really hard. For those situations, use demo shout, stun and disarm your targets regularly (or when and if they have an enrage). These simple procedures do make a difference, trust me.

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    First days i ran dungeons/heroics with a complete set of cc, learning about the mechanics and the incoming damage, killing one mob by mob.

    If you gear gets decent cc 1-2 mobs that hits really hard/are annoying as hell like those earthshaper in stonecore and bomb the other ones (if your group has the dps so your healer wont go oom every other pack). Generally: spellreflect on cooldown, use shockwave and shieldwall generously and keep conussion blow for those badass casters. There's no reason not to use your cooldowns.

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