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Thread: Prot Warrior Help Plz

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    Prot Warrior Help Plz

    Hello, i'm new to the Tankspot forums as far as posting but a long time watcher/reader.
    I have a few questions if someone would be polite enough to point the way for me or help me with some answers. Basically here is the rundown. I'm a lvl 85 human prot warrior and my unbuffed tanking stats are:

    123,679 hp
    32,703 Armor
    13.84% dodge
    11.91% parry
    37.82% block
    11.88 Mastery with 17% added block and critical block.

    Now here comes the questions, and I have looked but have had a hard time finding the answers hence the post.

    1) I dont quite understand the 30% avoidance, as far as I understand it's just parry+dodge right? block is just mitigation correct?

    2) With the current stats I have I am still being hit incredibly hard from 10-22k a hit depending on the fight/boss. And I notice i'm stressing my healers out. What am I doing Wrong Stat wise?

    3) I've read that we need to get 75% mastery how is that possible? I've reforged my all the hit/exp gear I have to master and still come up at 17%.

    Here is my armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...evereth/simple

    I'm sure i'll have more questions as I get help with the answers but thats about it for now, I always aim to be a good tank both to heal and keeping aggro. Any help or pointing of directions would help greatly. Thanks for your time!

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    1. don't forget 5% base miss chance. otherwise I'm not sure what you mean by 30% avoidance.

    2. enchant your cloak, get a belt buckle, and replace your green items

    3. You don't need 75% mastery, people are referring to 75% (dodge + block + parry + miss) so that with shield block active you are at 100%. But you won't get that with blue items without regemming everything. It's a goal, not something you'll get immediately.

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    Getting hit by strikes of 10-22k doesn't sound so bad to me. Think about it, you have maybe 130k HP with buffs, so you can survive six 20k hits without heals. I'll just clarify a few points about your stats. Yes, strictly speaking parry, dodge, and miss are your avoidance stats. You get 5% miss chance by default. You can't increase it, but it's there. Armor and block are mitigation stats, but people tend to talk about block as an avoidance stat simply because it is the total that we get from dodge, parry, miss, and block that we are greatly interested in.

    75% total avoidance, so to speak, is your first goal because then when you use Shield Block (+25% to your block) you become what we call unhittable (technically the number to become unhittable is 102.4% due to certain details) and it means that every hit that you take is either negated because you avoided it (with parry, dodge, or miss) or it was mitigated by your block (-30% damage, or critically blocked it -60% to damage).

    Mastery is simply a stat that gives you more block the more you have it. If your healer is commonly distressed, my first thought is simply that you're maybe not using your abilities to their full potential. Use disarm, stun, spell reflect, etc. I actively look for places to use them and in heroic dungeons they are in almost constant use.

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    I always use all my cooldowns, the bigger ones for bigger pulls ect, I DO forget to use my last stand alot but i've been actively trying to remember to use it when i pop shield wall, and I keep forgetting to make a cast sequence macro for it. Thanks for the info about 75% avoidance, thats what i was looking for as well as miss cause i had no clue lol.

    The reason i'm saying that my healers seem stressed is cause i watch their mana when we fight and after to make sure i know if they run out and can use my big cd's. It just seems like they are running out of mana fast and i try to ask each healer how it is to heal me and they all just say its ok... so i'm never sure if they're running out cause my stats are low or if its just the mana probs from cata.. if that all makes sense?

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    Don't macro last stand with shieldwall. Best to use shieldwall preemptively when you expect lots of damage and save last stand as your second "o shit" button that you use reactively when you drop low. Macroing enraged regen is nice with last stand it does a big chunk of healing but its on the gcd and needs to have an enrage effect active, berserker rage can be used for this if needed.

    Looking at your gearlvl you'll probably run heroics. There are two things absolutely amazing for heroics spell reflect and victory rush make sure to use them when you can

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