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Thread: Spec / Tanking questions

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    Yeah, Acidmaw, Dreadscale, Icehowl, Sindragosa, Lady Deathwhisper, Halion all were parry-hasted. Plus a few bosses in Ulduar. Would like to know if absolutely no bosses were hasted in cata, as that would free up a lot more areas for reforging.

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    Check that out, should answer all your questions.

    My rotation (first check my spec/glyphs in the Alliance link in my sig [keep in mind the online gear viewer doesn't show reforging] - also, glyph maul and macro it to every move, ie:

    #showtooltip Mangle(Bear Form)
    /cast Mangle(Bear Form)
    /cast !Maul

    like that - keep in mind I have that macroe'd to every single attack I have [not the shouts and all, or FFF])

    3 or more targets:

    Thorns yourself-> Bear Form, Enrage, FFF main target and enter fight, Swipe, Thrash, Demo Roar, Barkskin, Lacerate x1 -> Pulverize (just to get the buff up for Savage Defense procs). Then I just spam swipe and use thrash whenever it is up while refreshing demo roar whenever its about to fall off and 1 lacerate into a pulverize if buff is dropping, and barkskin again if the fight goes that long. Each time the main kill target dies and you switch to the next mob, FFF it. I have no problem holding the mobs as long as I mark the main one I'm targetting as the skull. If i start to lose threat I just mangle them too, or since my FFF is on a mouseover sometimes I'll FFF the other mobs in between swiping and thrashing, while still keeping my current target.

    Bosses/Single targets:

    Thorns/Enrage, FFF while running in, Mangle, Demo Shout, Lacerate x 3, Pulverize, Mangle, Lacerate x 3

    Then just:

    Keep Mangle on CD and use it FIRST every proc
    Keep Demo Roar up
    Keep Pulverize buff up to proc Savage Defense
    Keep Lacerate at 3 stacks and let it tick until Pulverize buff about to fall off then pulverize again and immediately refresh lacerate stacks to begin ticking again
    Use Swipe if Mangle and Maul are on CD and Lacerate is at 3 stacks while pulverize buff is up
    Use Barkskin whenever it's off CD (pref save for heavy damage phases but it's only a min CD so use it as much as possible)
    Growl or FFF during movement or knockbacks

    I have 0 problems with aggro and I'm tanking heroics
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    Ok questions galore..Ive been searching a number of differnt sites for Bear stats,and have been reading conflicting post for 3 days now.
    It seems that there hasn't been alot of soild numbers to make things stick. One guy at the ThinkTank even said to use rip as a glyph in tanking,Don't know where he got his info from. Also Alot of the info out there that I have found so far relates to before 4.03 and under lvl 85.

    My stats at lvl 85 pre raid with average gear equiped at 348.

    Self buffed 131k health
    strength 122
    agil 3708
    stam 6564
    hit at 9.43%
    expertise at 39
    mastery 9.33
    Crit @ 30.88%
    dodge 30.18
    armor 31855

    So with all that being said in a post I found I was still missing at 8% and took my hit up and miss realitively 0%.
    with my expertise at 39 I can only be parried by a lvl 88 boss 4.25 %
    my mastery absorbs 37% of attacks. My spec is 32 feral 9 resto, Ive also tried the 35 feral 6 resto as well both offer a decent tanking build.

    So questions .
    Hit cap earlier said at 8% should I drop hit and up mastery or crit?
    I'm not stacking stamina in Cata but went with avoidance instead ..Do I need more stamina?
    Is my experise too high, should I focus more on dodge?

    I am not having trouble with aggro on mobs except when we are with a dk they seem to have a really high threat aoe right now.
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    Check out that link @ the top of my post it has a stat priorities guide and even a situational reforging guide

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