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Thread: Al'akir and Lightning Strike

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    Al'akir and Lightning Strike


    We are currently progressing on this fight, but are finding that phase 1 is a bit too much RNG, we've used a couple of days on him now, and well, we have studied videos, strategies and such.

    While we feel we have a good grip on most of his abilities, theres one thing that really puzzles us, and that is lightning strike in phase 1.

    We are standing in groups of 3 around the platform, 8 groups total. We've looked at atleast 10 guilds logs from kills and their videos where they fully prevent getting any lightning strike during phase 1, however we seem to get it pretty much every 10 seconds.

    We've attempted many different solutions to this problem, 1 of them being having atleast 1 melee in every group, another being everyone standing ranged, and a third one being having atleast 10 yards between people.

    Any assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Moods,

    don't really have a definite answer for you, but we have experienced that aswell.

    On our first kill, we didn't have any Lightning Strikes at all. On our second kill, we had a couple of tries where we got toasted pretty badly.
    I don't really know whether or not it's random or you are able to avoid it completely. What seemed to do the trick for us, was the correct positioning. We spaced out evenly, trying to have the most space between the groups as possible and grouped up in 3s. Whether or not there is a melee in a group or not didn't really make a difference. I'm a melee and I got toasted too.

    Just place your Shamans / Hunters evenly around the platform so that everyone has nature resistances at all times. Try to space out evenly (you can check it pretty good on your minimap) across the platform to not waste space. Try not to move at all if possible (dont walk against the tornado if you really dont have to) so you dont cross into other groups and chain the AoE. Use damage reduce cooldowns when you're soaking the wind shock (wind shock + aoe can kill you with bad resist/80% health). You shouldn't really have to soak more than 2-3 wind shocks anyway.

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    After killing him twice we figured out whats going on with Lightning strike, unfortunately its a bug, after you take him to phase 3 once, he will stop doing Lightning strike in phase 2, hopefully Blizzard will fix this soon.


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