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Thread: Atramedes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torian View Post
    The lightwell triggered the sound levels of the priests!

    Has anyone experienced something similar in the last week, because Aliena lightwell definately doesn't trigger the sound level.
    We have a shammy healer that is having trouble keeping his sound down as well he seems to dodge the rings like the rest of us might have to look at his totems now that i read your post anyone else have this trouble?

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    Does anyone know the best way to spread out the use of gongs?

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    We have a shammy healer that is having trouble keeping his sound down as well he seems to dodge the rings like the rest of us might have to look at his totems now that i read your post anyone else have this trouble?
    I'm not certain what would be causing this other than being hit by something. I've personally never had an issue with sound unless I made a mistake. I can spam Healing Rain at my feet for the entire fight without worry. In 10-mans I am often the only healer in our melee pile (with 2-3 melee players with me) and in 25-man I was there with up to 7-8 others.

    My two biggest contributors to my sound are when a player next to me gets targeted and happens to run the same direction as me, or the bursts of flames that hit random locations on the ground.

    The effects of the rings and the random fire balls on the ground do have a larger effect than their graphic would have you believe. I suspect that your player is getting hit by these unknowingly.

    Does anyone know the best way to spread out the use of gongs?
    The question I have for you is how have you been doing the gongs so far? If all is going correctly you should only need one gong per ground phase and one or two gongs per air phase (can't recall at the moment). Always have someone that can run away quickly from a gong like a rogue or shaman (for example) as the person who saves the person being chased. If all goes well, the person running away after the first or second savior gong will not need a gong wasted on them because Atramedes will land before he hits that player.

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    Atramedes movement Analysis

    Just my take on this after a few tries with our Guild on Nagrand:

    1.We found that stacking on Ground Phase and moving left and the raider targeted right to be solid.
    2.We found that the sound mechanics are ... unsound! :
    Atramedes DID NOT attack the players with the highest sound, not by far on our runs.
    I do not know if it is something peculiar and Nagrand or patch related but it was verified
    by many of us that the breaths (Both, yes) happened to what seemed to be random or maybe just ppl that had the highest sound levels some time before the cast. I was healing and i know exactly who was non what sound level and when.
    A dps DK was getting targetted even if his sound level was fairly weak (3rd once, 4th another time) with "32" or so.
    Also a shadow pr got targetted a few times for no apparent reason as well.
    This turned out to be a good thing though.
    It got us to not fall back the the "highest sound" rule and to keep on or toes and discover more things:
    3. If we get everyone to run to the walls immediately when Atramedes flies off, then we waste too much dps time and the walls are very unforgiving with sonar bombs, so ppl need to be fast. The idea was that we all hug the walls and the person targeted immediately runs towards a designated side, all the others except the designated gong hitter run to the middle. The gong hitter should adjust his position to be roughly 6 gongs away from the first targeted person without too high a sound level but without speed increasing buff or trick. This fluctuates depending on the speed buff of the player. But the main idea is that the person runs toward the interrupter and the interrupter picks up the kite with a new advantage as he will interrupt the cast roughly when the first targeted player is one-one and a half gong away.
    In this way the targeted player runs immediately towards the center and the new Kiter begins. Usually that is enough per air phase but a third kiter destination is very handy in case some delays and failures or too high sound levels make it necessary.

    That is not bad but as i said it is too much time running. It does get all the fire cast on the very outside of the room though, even behind the gongs when used correctly (tricky as the gongs have invisible tails where you can get stuck)

    We have learned so far that usually we get him near or under 50% with the use of merely 3-4 gongs. (TW-BL is best used at the start to our knowledge)

    Here we come to a new scheme, one which is the current one that we will try:

    The Room is of a shape somewhere between a rectangle and a circle. Let us consider it a rectangle. The gong sides and the non gong sides are equal, although the spot where the summoning bell used to stand looks ideal for kites etc. still it can in our opinion lead to a firey room.
    So let us assume that all the raiders are stacked loosely -trial will show how much-
    into two groups, on the two opposing-diagonally- "corners" of this rectangle(any).
    In this way, the person who gets targeted starts running the "NON GONG COVERED SIDE". Then his stack-buddies know to run towards the opposite side and everyone moves towards the center, EXCEPT the designated interrupter, who runs towards the gong that the targeted person is running towards too, from opposite directions. The difference is that they stop (the interrupter interrupts when they are 2 gongs away and continues to run back over (aside ofc and not over) the firey line of the former kiter. The first kiter and the second kiter can now theoretically do this indefinitely, space to lay the fires given.
    -Seamless kiting, where the interrupter actually sees in front of him how close the other person is to the beam.
    -The firey area will always be one useless side + the area in front of 2 gongs.

    The Raid only has to call out the next side to be used for gong interrupting and clockwise-anticlockwise dodging.

    Please comment if you will, i will upload a drawing of some of this too.
    I will also let you know as soon as we get some tries on this.

    pic: http://img694.imageshack.us/f/atramedesairphase.jpg/
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