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Thread: Recommended raid progression?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mav View Post
    We one shot Omnitron, 2 shot Magmaw and Maloriak but wiped 22+ times on conclave. This is on 25man btw.
    Try conclave with 3 tanks then. We wiped 3 or 4 times the first night of cata raiding with 2 tanks. Decided to try 3 and 1shot it easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gacktt View Post
    300-400ms with CoT still has less time to do it than US latency without a curse of tongues. It's so annoying to have to be incredible on the ball. Being the only person with 200ms I wanted to do interrupts, but warrior tanks are amazing on adds as compared to our paladin(shock, heroic leap, auto rend, intervene, the works).
    I tank the adds because our warrior has a reliable interrupt, and I don't :/ When 9 adds are up the mage puts down a ring of frost which stuns them for about 10 seconds. When my porcelain crab proccs I pretty much have 40% reduction against them due to paladin mastery.

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    Valiona and Theralion
    Conclave of Wind
    Omnitron Defense System
    Magmaw(bring lots of ranged though)


    Ascendant Council



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    Chogall is ridiculously easy for an end boss. Council should be on hard instead, if you can beat council chogall is going down in 30 minutes of learning.

    magmaw/omnotron/halfus/conclave/valiona+Theralion(hardest of the 5)

    Chimaeron/atramedes/maloriak/chogall(easiest of the mediums).


    Nefarian is significantly more difficult than everything else, at least on 10man theres a noticeable difficulty spike.

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    We did
    Conclave > Halfus > Omnitron > Valiona/Theralion > Magmaw > Maloriak > Chimaeron > Atramedes > Ascendant Council > Cho'gall > Nef (We really wanted him) > Al'Akir

    We are continuing with
    Heroic Halfus > Heroic Maloriak > Heroic Chimaeron > Heroic Conclave and will figure things out from there.

    Most of the fights are easier in 25 man vs 10 man with the exception of Al'akir (much easier in 10). Some of the fights are significantly more difficult in 10 such as Nefarian and Chimaeron (depends).

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    our guild is just starting back into raiding.our raid make up isnt exactly consistant but generally we run:

    mt prot pally
    ot either a blood dk or prot warrior

    heals disc priest
    holy pally
    restro shammy (as we lack a druid)
    melee frost dk

    ranged: lock demo
    mage arc

    we ussually end up having to pug the last 2 spots if not more sometimes.Weve triied halfus for 2 weeks first week we got about the worst comp possible.Second week we got a lil better comp but still having issues we get 1 drake down n start on second but we keep dieing to the aoe damage .We generally dont take ppl who arent ench n gemmed.My question is this ive looked here n seen the list as to where to start our raids.but for some reason everything ive read here n few other say bastion is start but some say bwd so im kinda confused can you not progress thru 1 then move to next or is it just you gotta hop around.

    Im just really frustrated as is a friend in the guild as to the fact other guilds n even pugs are killing bosses.Im not saying the guild im is bad we just had ppl when cata launch got all scared n have changed specs so we lost our healers n a few dps

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    If you are dying to AoEs at halfus you probably mean the fireballs from the protodrake and the shadow nova. the former simply requires you to move away, the latter requires interrupts. you can kill one of the drakes available to make this easier to do.

    The raids are designed to give you a bit more choice in where to go next. This stops the raids getting old quickly. It also means that you may kill 3 bosses in one instance, then go to another and kill one, then go to the third and kill two before returning to the first.

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    My opinions...

    Conclave: You need a raid leader who can adjust the strategies as needed. Everyone has to know their place, so don't be afraid to change assignments if someone can't handle what they are on. The leader also has to be able to time the switches right to ensure that the bosses are all being damaged at the right rate and also ensure everyone is where they should be for adds and ultimates. It's not a hard fight, but it's a lot of pressure on the leader.

    Magmaw: This one is tough on healers, and depending on how you handle the adds, that bit can be tough too. In our raid, we simply have 1 prot warrior on adds and everyone else stays in melee range of the boss. The warrior gets the flame pillar, uses piercing howl to slow the adds, then uses Rend and Thunder Clap to keep aggro on all of them. Takes some getting used to, but it's pretty easy on everyone else if the warrior can handle it.

    Halfus: It's all about the drake setup. I can't really comment on how easy this could be, because I've NEVER seen Halfus without mortal strike and shadow nova. We haven't down him and it seems we're just waiting for him to pick a reasonable set of drakes.

    We haven't tried Omnitron yet...

    Of the three we've faced, Conclave is the one we've downed, though we've come really close on Magmaw. My feeling is that Conclave is the easiest, but it depends on your group.

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    Hey there. I know that several months have passed since this thread started, but how would you guys rank the Heroic bosses?

    We started with Heroic Magmaw last night, but that wasnt a really good idea. Can you guys help me? Cause i didnt find any information or rank anywhere.

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    I believe conclave is a good place to start as not much has changed just bigger parameters. As always there are guides to the heroic encounters on tankspot, each group is different. Play to your group's strengths, another favorite is doing Atramedes on heroic. The mechanics and things are pretty much the same except an add is thrown in. You really have a ton of things at your disposal so check out the fights and then decides what you want to do based on your groups abilities.

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    Conclave is one of the harder encounters, despite the changes to the encounter you still need a fairly specific setup. Maloriak, Atramedes, Chimaeron and Halfus are fairly easy bosses to get heroic kills on.


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