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Thread: Al'akir lightning strike, phase 1

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    Al'akir lightning strike, phase 1


    We are currently progressing on Al'akir, and we have run into a bit of an issue with Phase 1, after going through lots and lots of logs on Worldoflogs.com and trying to figure out whats going on, we're seeing lots of guilds not getting lightning strike in Phase 1 at all.

    We have tried spreading out where every member stands 12 yards away from each other, yet we still trigger the ability.

    We have tried standing in small groups aswell, but still trigger it, so my question here is, have anyone killed him or gotten past phase 1, and figured out how to avoid getting hit by lightning strike ?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    We also had issue with this, particularly when we made melee,ranged,tank groups like in the beta videos. Each time we'd get blasted to oblivion, and never seen that in any of the vids. Our only working strat that would get us through it and into p2 was spreading everyone out in a circle with 15+ yards between them. When the Lightning Strike hits (which seems like a very wide conal spell), fewer people were hit and fewer chains between them kept them from being gibbed. As long as people were spread it is survivable. This might not be a correct strat, just what we got to work with no other information about it.

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    We used 3 groups spread out around him in basically a semi-circle. 3 healers meant 1 healer in each group. P1 lasts like 1minute, so it's really not too difficult to get past it. The fight is really a joke after p1 (even p1 is ridiculously easy after you figure out your positioning), at least on 10man. We haven't had time to try him on 25 yet.

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