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Thread: {H} TERENAS-US = *****Completely Different***** Recruiting

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    {H} TERENAS-US = *****Completely Different***** Recruiting

    Our Hardcore Raid group is currently recruiting:

    Although we will always accept applications for our Casual Raid group as well.

    Here is the info you need to apply:
    We started as a small guild of friends and have evolved into a large community of friends. We call ourselves a community now because many of our members are no longer even playing wow but still hang out on our forums and participate in guild LoL games of SC2 craziness.

    Right now we're looking for 3 kinds of players:

    1) Our hardcore raid team is in need of a skilled hunter (we're talking crazy acrobatics over Mimiron fire good) and a confident Prot warrior. This is the group that will be focused on clearing hardmodes as fast as we can. You're expected to be raid ready w/ in one week of launch. That means 85 in a few days and geared out form heroics by the following Tuesday.

    2) We have a couple of more casual raid groups that will also be running. Depending on the number of people available it looks like this will be two ten mans or a single 25 based on the amount of interest. Right now there's openings for all specs. This group has decided that they want to focus on getting normal modes down quickly and efficiently but then letting hardmodes come as they will. (They are less likely to cut farm content to get those couple extra pulls on that progression boss you're working on but don't think that means it'll be okay be not know your @#@#)

    3) Lastly but certainly not least we want you PvPers. We'll be running rated battle grounds every week and as long as they still care enough to balance them, arenas as well.

    If you have questions please feel free to contact any of us online. If you're interested head on over to our website completelydifferent.org

    Here is a Direct link to our application: http://completelydifferent.org/index.php?topic=4.0
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