Hello, fellow wow players. I'll apologize in advance if said topic's already been discussed elsewhere, but here I go.

I've been playing on/off as a warrior (tank) and by on/off I mean through periods of active playing and inactivity. I've got experience raiding in WotlK after which I took a longer break where I did not read or follow (much) about the WoW scene. Needless to say quite a few things've happened since then, and in lieu of this I have a few questions to ask you.

I'd like to know if your tanking style has changed considerably since Wotlk. In my own experience I am (and this seems to be intended) using my defensive cooldowns a whole lot more in order to ensure success, even on some trash pulls since the incoming damage has been significantly increased.

I seem to struggle somewhat with pulls where I do not myself initiate the pull, for example in cases where LoS CC'ing etc are necessary. Whenever possible I prefer the "around the corner" pull (especially with packs containing casters) where I can pick the remaining mobs in a pile and have my way with them (no pun intended )

When I have a bunch of mobs in my face and the situation is under control (that is, the initial pull / CC'ing succeded), I have not got any major issues with neither single target or tanking several mobs at once. My topic of interest is how you deal with the pulling in some areas, especially when pulling in conjunction with CC'ing.

CC'ing wasn't really something we used in WotlK, simply because it wasn't necessary (it's been a while since I played actively, but I can't recall any Wotlk situations where CC'ing was necessary - I might've got that wrong, but at least, not what I can recollect)

If LoS pulling is not an option I (prefer) to open the pull myself and CC'ing immediately following so that the mobs are on to me initially and not the casting player. I'd use heroic throw (with talents) to be able to interrupt a single caster from a distance and get him to me. If the mobs close distance too fast and they ain't focusing on me, the situation may turn ugly if I have little or no time to gain initial rage to deal with it (again, this is about coordination but still an issue to watch out for in my eyes).

I am curious about how you see this and I'd like to hear how you as a warrior tank go along with these challenges.