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Thread: The Conclave of Wind

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    The Conclave of Wind

    Quote Originally Posted by Aliena
    Hello and welcome to the TankSpot Throne of the four Winds Raid Guide! My name is Aliena and in this video I'll show you all you have to know about The Conclave of Wind, the first encounter in this new raid instance. We completed this fight with 2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 DPS, but similar raid configurations may work just as well.

    The Conclave is a council type encounter where you fight three Djinn at the same time, but this fight comes with a twist: All three enemies are on different platforms, and while you can move between platforms by jumping into the wind streams, you have to split up your raid intelligently to make it work. On top of that, each conclave member has to die within a minute of the first one's death, or the first djinn will regain all his health.

    The three Djinn are Anshal, Nezir and Rohash. Rohash does basic wind attacks and can easily be tanked by a healer or ranged raid member. Ideally you want to leave one healer and two ranged raid members with him for most of the fight. Anshal is a nature-based enemies that spawns adds and will require a tank and a healer along with your leftover DPS. Nezir is ice-based and will also require a tank and a healer.

    This fight would be simple if it wasn't for the fact that all the Djinn have an energy bar, and when their energy bar is full (in other words, when it reaches 90), they will execute their ultimate abilities. All djinn will reach full energy at the same time, and you can never leave a platform completely abandoned or it will result in a raid wipe. Let's go over the djinn's abilities.

    Rohash is fairly straightforward. He has a wind slash with which he'll attack from a range, occasionally a few cyclones will circle around his platform - obviously you don't want to get caught in these or you'll take damage and get knocked back - and on a timer he uses Wind Blast, an ability that makes him slowly spin around his platform, and anyone in front of his face will get knocked back 200 yards. Yes, 200. You have been warned. This works similarly to The Lurker Below's Spout, if you were an active raider in the Burning Crusade you may remember it.

    His ultimate ability is Hurricane, which creates a huge vortex of wind and anyone on the platform will get lifted up and take continuous damage for 15 seconds, after which you get dropped to the floor and take more fall damage. It's pretty much the same as Malygos' Vortex ability. This is easily healed through.

    Anshal's first ability that you'll see is called Soothing Winds and looks like a green circle he puts on the ground. It heals all of Anshal's allies and silences enemies, so pull him and his adds out of it and stay away from it yourself. His second ability, Nurture, will summon multiple Ravenous Creeper adds that will use Toxic Spores, an AoE aura that deals stacking damage to anyone within 8 yards. These kinda hurt especially since your melee are likely at this platform, so they should be taken out quickly.

    His ultimate ability is Zephyr, which heals all of his allies currently on the platform by 25000 per second and gives them 15% increased damage for 15 seconds. Make sure that no adds are up by the time Anshal casts Zephyr and this should not pose a problem.

    Lastly, Nezir. Nezir is where it gets complicated. Nezir has both a channeled cone spell that deals frost damage called Permafrost and an ice puddle he puts on the ground that deals frost damage and slows anyone in it. His main ability is Wind Chill, which deals frost damage to everyone on the platform and more importantly increases their Frost damage taken by 10% per stack. Combined with his other abilities this means that anyone remaining on the platform for too long will get killed outright.

    His ultimate ability is called Sleet Storm. Sleetstorm deals about 30000 damage per second to anyone on the platform for 15 seconds. However, Sleetstorm's damage is divided by everyone on the platform. So, as you can see, you want to have as many people as possible on Nezir's platform when his energy bar is about to turn full.

    However, you also need to switch Nezir's tank and healer team with Anshal's tank and healer team periodically to avoid getting too many stacks of the debuff and at the same time you want to avoid switching too much.

    What worked well for us was to switch the teams right before the Djinn cast their first ultimate (the DPS from both other platforms also need to be at Nezir's platform before every ultimate he casts, while a single healer remains at Rohash and the original Nezir tank and healer team fills in at Anshal). After the ultimate finishes, the DPS return to their original platforms. The original Anshal tank and healer team however remains at Nezir's platform until right before his second ultimate takes place, which is when they change places with the tank and healer team that filled in at Anshal again.

    This cycle repeats until the Djinn are low, which could be as soon as after the second ultimate. Rohash and Anshal will likely be a lot lower in health than Nezir, but that's okay. When you're at the point that you can finish off both Rohash and Anshal around roughly the same time, do so. Afterwards everyone should move over to Nezir's platform and finish him off. You have about a minute to do this, so the timer is lenient.

    It is worth noting that you cannot switch platforms in the 15 seconds that the Djinn cast their ultimates, so any switching of platforms has to occur at about 80 energy to account for travel time.

    I've attached the full encounter so you can see how we dealt with the various mechanics in detail. Good luck and have fun!

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    Something to note is that you don't need a healer on the east boss Rohash. For the very start of the encounter there was a shadow priest solo. When he was about to do his hurricane the warlcok who had been DPS'ing the north boss went over and the two of them would spend the rest of the fight burning the east boss down. The two of them were able to keep themselves healed fairly nicely, none of my other DPS even had to go to the east platform.

    Another tatic we employed was using a Prot Pally and a Holy pally on the north platform. With all of the other DPS on the west. We did not do any swithces for the first ultimate ability. Both the paladins on the north platform simply bubbled and /dance'd with the boss until his blizzard ran out. We of course had to switch for the second ultimate ability, but with out doing the switch this gave a lot of time to DPS the west boss down.
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    this fight looks amazingly fun and makes me sad i cant raid anymore

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    Wow this fight looks intimidating.
    Seeing as my guild is still wipefest-ing on heroics :\
    ~Is new.

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    My guild is currently going through some light progression on this fight, there's a lot of questions and things to be tweaked; but my biggest question right now is.. How do we stop Anshal from healing himself to full (or near it)? What do you think we're doing incorrectly where he's getting such a huge chunk of health back? I don't believe it's because our DPS isn't high enough. That could be it, but I believe our DPS is fairly good.
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    You can't prevent Anshal from healing.

    We did him on 25 yesterday, and though moving him from his circles does help a bit, you shouldn't waste DPS on Anshal untill you are ready to down all three. When that time comes, you should focus a considerable amount of DPS on Anshal until he's dead and then down the other two.

    It's not all that hard a fight, to be honest.
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    so what kind of makeup did you go with and what was your splitting of groups? you need enough dps on anshal's platform to burn adds, and to switch with frost still right?

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    This fight seems to be quite friendly to a DK tank as opposed to a warrior specifically. It may be QQ but our guild downed them last night after a lot of attempts. My DK tank partner was generally just under the resto shammy healer in terms of healing/absorbs, which is basically like he brings his own personal pocket healer (DK tank at 2600 hps, resto shammy just under 4k hps for the whole fight on our kill). I also took more overall damage than he did which may have been a function of me being over on the frost side more than he was but still this seems quite unbalanced. I really felt that if I were a DK tank the fight would have been easier. Both healers said that they didn't have to worry about the DK's health at all, I was a much bigger concern.

    Anyway, is there anything that I can specifically do as a warrior to make this easier on my healers? Is there a specific time that cds should be popped?

    How we did it Kaz was have 3 melee over on anshals platform, unless something went wrong the adds over there were no problem, we had our ranged and 3rd healer over on the tornado guys platform, with them swapping over to frost once tornado guy was low (and for the ultimate ability). Most of the time we only had tank/healer on the frost guys platform.

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    My 10m group seems to be doing fine but one of the tanks was having a problem with zypher. is there a kiting solution that can be implemented or can it be healed through?

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    Video was a life saver! First week we tried him I was tanking the frost boss and the video we watched didnt have the tank switching off the platform so needless to say it was a failfest and I looked bad. Did it your way and after a few Dc issues we took them down with no problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martie View Post
    You can't prevent Anshal from healing.

    We did him on 25 yesterday, and though moving him from his circles does help a bit, you shouldn't waste DPS on Anshal untill you are ready to down all three. When that time comes, you should focus a considerable amount of DPS on Anshal until he's dead and then down the other two.

    It's not all that hard a fight, to be honest.
    I might be missing something, but the video doesnt mention anything about anshal healing himself, only the adds getting healed, and aliena said to kill anshal and rohash first, then focus on nezir. Has something changed since the video was made or what. Your strategy is almost the opposite of that, so which is correct?

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    We had a problem with people jumping over from Nezir's to the east platform being knocked off immediately upon landing. Is there any way to avoid this? should they wait for the knockback ability to go out before jumping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talmanes View Post
    I might be missing something, but the video doesnt mention anything about anshal healing himself, only the adds getting healed, and aliena said to kill anshal and rohash first, then focus on nezir. Has something changed since the video was made or what. Your strategy is almost the opposite of that, so which is correct?
    Anshal's main ability, the one that increases damage and heals allies ALSO applies to himself. Thus, he'll also have like 250% damage increase after his main ability is used, and he'll have healed during the spell as well. This cannot be avoided, and it happens every 90 energy.

    Our strat for our kill involved a holy/prot paladin on the north platform to bubble through the main ability phase, leaving the west platform to DPS for 2 full phases without having to jump over to spread damage. Then we had two ranged on the east boss, until he was low, and then they moved to work on the north boss. At that point, after we jumped back for the 2nd time (3rd main ability casting), both west/east killed their bosses, and the north was already low.

    Then it was just a matter of killing the north platform within in a minute.

    Took us a long time to make sure no one was dying on the East platform, and that the damage was being placed in the right spots. Each raid may have to alter who is on which platforms, to make sure healing is sufficient, and that the DPS can bring down both west/east platforms easily enough, while partially weakening the north platform.

    Of course, other strategies are probably viable, and may/may not be more efficient :P

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    How viable is it to leave a prot & holy paladin on Nezir's platform for the first Ultimate rotation? I find this to be a very, very bad idea but my raid leader is insisting. What we have is:
    Bear tank, holy priest, moonkin & destruction warlock on Nezir first.
    Protection paladin, holy paladin, rogue, fire mage on Anshal first.
    Elemental shaman, holy priest on Rohash.

    The tanking teams switch with all DPS moving to Nezir for his Ultimate, making sure all of the adds from Anshal are dead first (hence the extra dps). After the Ultimate is done, the tanks have effectively swapped position and all DPS goes to their home platform. What I would rather do is have Rohash's priest go shadow and heal via dps, and continue the normal tank swap.. however the raid leader is insisting that we keep the two paladins on Nezir and just 'bubble the debuff' off.

    I feel that if we switcheroo this way, it's too much strain on the paladins and can lead to a wipe. Otherwise we should be able to kill Anshal and Rohash relatively at the same time and then all focus on Nezir..

    Thoughts? :-/

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    Re: The Conclave of Wind

    You have to swap tank and healer teams between the 2 platforms or the damage debuff gets too high. Teams should begin the swap around 70.
    Leaving 1 person there basically ensures that that person will die during the ultimate from frost damage. Your raid leader is incorrect.
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    What we did.

    2 tanks
    3 healers
    5 dps

    1 healer on wind guy the entire time.
    1 dps on adds, before adds spawns he jumps to frost platform and does some dps then back on nature platform before adds spawns and nukes them down with the tank (the tank needs to help).
    2 tank teams (tank + healer). At ~80 energy they swap places between frost and nature, have the frost team jump a little ahead of the nature team, or the dps on that platform might die .
    Rest, the for dps'ers, start on frost, jump to wind before ultimate, stay on wind and nuke him down to 10% or so (dot's take him further). Then before second ultimate they just go on to entrance platform and wait it out. If more dps is required they go back to wind and frost and get them low then on to Natur platform before the third ultimate. After the third ultimate they burn bloodlust/heroism and burn him down. Just before he dies a ranged dps runs to wind guy and with any luck the tank on frost guy can kill him (he should be low enough on health at that point). As soon as Nature guy dies, all dps runs to other platforms and finish off what is still alive.

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    We did this with the following set up

    Tank Team 1
    Feral Druid
    Holy Paladin

    Tank Team 2
    Resto Druid

    Tank Team 3
    Resto Shaman

    Enhancement Shaman

    Team 1 started out on Nezir with Team 2 and the DPS all on Anshal leaving Team 3 on Rohash (we were pretty fortunate that our Resto Shaman can pump out some pretty nice DPS as the healing on Rohash isn't too intensive).
    At 75 energy Teams 1 and 2 swapped platforms followed by the DPS from Anshal and the Mage for the ultimates and then the DPS returned to their respective platforms to continue burning Rohash and Anshal.

    We repeated this with Tank Teams 1 and 2 swapping platforms after each ultimate to avoid the stacking debuff becoming too much and after a few teething problems found this to be a relatively fun and somewhat easy fight (lets face it, they're pretty intimidating to look at!).

    It's worth noting though that straight after each ultimate Anshal gains a 250% damage increase that will obliterate your tank so you'll want to make sure that you have CD's ready for it!

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    Our 10 man tried this last night and I have a few questions -

    1) Rohash platform - We had a hard time predicting where he'd start his Wind Blast ability. At times he seemed to turn at the alst second and blast our sole person on the platform (during ultimate) and cause a wipe. Our healer stated that it was unavoidable, is there some way to predict where he'll start his cast from?

    2) For Anshal platform, we had issues with randomly spawned adds moving through the green circles. What is done to position Anshal for optimal green circle placement and then add tanking vs. just randomly attacking adds? We weren't sure if we were better off trying to group and aoe'them down and risk the stacking aura dmg or just single target them down.

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    Thanks for all the nice info. I have some questions:

    1. Concerning Sleetstorm, does anyone know if mirror images/pets count towards sharing damage and thus help?

    2. How "sensitive" is the "empty platform = wipe" clause? Meaning, is it important for at least 1 DPSer to be on both Anshal's and Nezir's platforms, while the tank and healer switch? Or can the Anshal/Nezir switch be performed without leaving someone back?

    3. Concerning (2) and if it's the former, I take it that Anshal/Nezir will turn to the DPSers (who stayed back to ensure that someone is on the platform while tanks/healers are midair), when the tanks/healers leave the platform. So do the DPSers just have to be away from the boss and kite a bit until the new tank lands or is there something more to it? Is there a significant danger of losing a DPSer during the A/N switch or is the change easy to execute and e.g. switching twice per ulti doesn't increase the chance for a wipe significantly?
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    I love how you've added pictures/graphics to your videos. Makes it so much cooler than lores lol

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