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Thread: The Lost City of Tol'vir

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    The Lost City of Tol'vir

    Quote Originally Posted by Papapaint

    Hello, and welcome to Tankspot's Cataclysm Dungeon Guide. My name is Papapaint, and in this video I will be discussing the entirety of the Lost City of Tol'vir dungeon. Additional guides for single bosses within the instance are also available, so be sure to look for those if you'er looking for information on a specific encounter.

    The Lost City of Tol'vir is located in southern Uldum, and is intended for level 84 and 85 players. There is a quest chain that can be started immediately upon zoning in to increase your rewards from the dungeon as well.

    After zoning in, you have the option of two seperate paths. It makes no difference which you choose, but if you are doing the quest chain, you will need to kill the Captain on both sides. These trash packs present very little difficulty, but players do need to watch out for the Captain's Earthquake ability. This is an easy ability to spot--a giant earthquake will appear. Don't stand in it.\

    Around the corner, you'll run into General Husam. General Husam is the first boss encounter in Lost City, and he had one of my personal favorite abilities in the game--Bad Intentions. General Hussam will charge a player with "bad intentions in mind." This apparently translates to him grabbing a party member, ramming their head into a giant stone pillar, and wandering off as they slide down the pillar in extreme pain.

    Throughout the encounter, Husam will drop bombs all over the place. He'll occasionally detonate them, but you can also set them off by getting too close. When they explode, they'll hit for a decent chunk of damage and knock back anyone in range of the explosion. Since this can lead to bouncing around from bomb to bomb, it's really best to just not get hit at all.

    And to make it even more hectic, he'll also be sending out giant shockwaves in four directions. You'll get dusty ground as a brief warning, so move off as quickly as possible.

    He may seem tough, but stay focused, avoid stepping on dangerous things, and be prepared to fend off some bad intentions.

    There are a few trash packs between Husam and the next boss, but they're fairly straightforward and shouldn't require too much CC. If your group is having trouble, I suggest controlling some of the caster mobs to remove their AoE from the equation.

    If you follow your map, your next encounter should be Crocolisk-boss and Pygmy-thing. Lockmaw and Augh are--combined--the second boss encounter of Tol'vir. On normal mode, you need only to concern yourself with killing Lockmaw.

    Lockmaw has three abilities to concern yourself with: Dust Flail, Scent of Blood, and Viscious Poison.

    Scent of Blood is a debuff that affects one player, dealing light damage over time. Lockmaw will then summon adds to come attack that specific player. These adds have no aggro table to speak of, and will always focus the player with the debuff. They can be quickly AoE'd down, and need to be taken care of to prevent too much damage from going out.

    Lockmaw, inspired by the dragon theme of this expansion, has chosen to include the Crocolisk version of Tail Whip. Players standing behind him are in danger of being struck by Dust Flail, a channeled ability that can quickly take out some lesser-geared DPS.

    Finally, he will spit out Viscious poison, a small AoE blob that should simply be dispelled. The damage isn't much, but it slows movement speed, making it tough for players to get away from Augh.

    Augh is a pygmy who has apparently allied himself with giant carnivorous lizards. Throughout the fight, he will occasionally come running out of the river and start attacking your party members. He has an AoE fire breath which disorients anyone struck, so stay spread out. He also has a whirlwind, but moves slowly and can easily be kited. Finally, he will occasionally poison players, slowing their haste by 40%. If you deal any damage to Augh, he will retreat to the waters to regain his strength and then come back about 10-15 seconds later.

    Smack Augh when you see him, kill adds, and don't stand behind the Crocodile to give yourself an easy time with this fight.

    The third encounter is High Prophet Barim. He is a fairly straightforward tank and spank with one short add phase.

    He will occasionally spawn Sun Beams. Move out of them. Outside of these, DPS has little to worry about until 50%.

    Once Barim reaches 50%, he will pull in every member of your group, stun them for a brief period, then knock everyone into the shadow realm and go immune. While in the shadow realm, your party will be tasked with killing a dark phoenix. The phoenix has an aura that deals more damage as it gains soul fragments from players, so this is a good time for heroism, aura mastery, aoe healing, defensive cooldowns, etc. The faster you kill the shadow phoenix, the quicker you leave the realm, and the less damage everyone takes.

    After finishing off the phoenix, your group will be transported back to the earthly realm and resume the fight just as it was before. As you can see, there's very little for the DPS to worry about during this fight, but the tank and healer both need to be ready for large spikes of damage. If you've killed the first two bosses with little trouble, you may even find Barim to be the easiest encounter of the dungeon, so don't overthink it!

    Go down the hallway and take the newly-installed Teleport Tornado to engage Siamat. He's a Djinn that imprisons you at the start of your questing in Uldum, and now you're here to take him out.

    He casts deflecting winds early into the fight, effectively negating all damage done to him until cancelled. In the meantime, he will be summoning adds for your party to take out. There are two kinds of adds. Servants are melee adds with an AoE knockback that deals decent damage to any players in range. Minions are caster adds with a chain lightning. As the caster adds die, they will create small green hurricanes that deal damage to your party, and persist through the entire fight.

    When you've killed enough adds, Siamat will drop his shield and begin attacking your party, making generous use of chain lightning. The hurricanes from before will buff him if they touch, so try to keep him away. He will also continue to summon caster adds, so take them out if the AoE damage becomes too high.

    This fight is very straightforward, but still requires some positioning awareness and will stress your healer, so be kind and pop defensive cooldowns when necessary. Kill the adds, kill Siamat, and enjoy completing the Lost City of Tol'vir!

    Thanks for watching this guide. As always, feel free to ask questions or post suggestions either in the comment box on youtube or on the official thread on Tankspot. Subscribe to the channel to stay up-to-date on further Cataclysm strategy guides, including heroics and raids.

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    Dude's Voice is awesome!

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    What is the name of Holy Power mod?

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    Papapaint what is your UI listing? or where can I get it. I didn't see it in the video UI thread. I'm Holy Pally too and I really liked your Interface...Very clean

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