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Thread: Hero SFK, Commander issues.

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    Do you stand in the fire because the mages say so? Get out of desecration ASAP.

    I tend to kill all adds without any form of CC, leaving one to be tanked (and interrupted!) by the group while taunting occasionally and one is tanked (and interrupted) by me in the meantime.

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    Right now, it feels like the best strategy for this boss is to skip him. >.>

    But, seriously, the interrupts are the key to the fight's success... it -does- feel just a tad overtuned compared to other heroic bosses. If you don't have a Pally, Warlock or Priest (Turn Evil, preferably glyphed, Shackle Undead, or Fear, also preferably glyphed), then you've got to have interrupters on both. Two seperate interrupters
    is pretty highball for a heroic 5-man... and the tank has to be able to collect both of them (who run in from both sides of the room), while keeping out of Desecration -and- pointing Springvale away in case he gets that third stack and fires his shield off.
    Only fight that feels comparable to add control and sheer DPS/interrupt brutality is Setesh heroic, and that's only if a portal's up long enough to spawn a Seeker.
    One of the worst things about the fight is the room itself... the adds come from both sides, and it's a small room with a low ceiling... tank visibility is very poor, especially considering he has his back to the wall to keep the boss from breath-killing the party.
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    The first time we went there we tried it several times the normal way; tank picking up adds, burning adds down while interrupting, burning boss down and do it all over again. Didn't work out, healer oom. either too low dps or our priest undergeared/unskilled (prob. the later ).
    Next time we succeeded with a different lineup and a two tank strategy on our first try + achievement... I don't know if it should be called cheating the way we did it, but as long as the boss doesn't reset I like to think it's allowed

    you place your healer and your range dds (preferably 2) right at the corner of the corridor in front of the room. then you can have your first tank pick up all the adds, the waves later will come running towards the healer down the hallway... have your other tank pick up the boss and pull him _around_ the corner near the stairway leading down to silverlaine. You will have easily enough room to avoid all the aoe. Just pop bloodlust and everything else as soon as the tank with the commander is ready and dps him down as fast as you can, since healing a lot more than 4 adds punding on the first tank will be getting hard on your healers mana.

    Like I said, this strategy may be seen as cheating/exploiting game mechanics, since you won't have to interrupt anything because no add is in line of sight with the boss. Shame on me, I still hope they won't fix it ._."

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    You can kite this guy back to the courtyard and no adds will spawn.

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    well last night i had my Drud healer and Worgen Dk pull them why we were in the court waiting. When they cam out we dps adds down I tanked the boss . I had the dk dps one add and intrupt his heal whey the other two dps killed the second add and intrupte his heal.... As for standing in the green stuff i find it is way easier fight on the healer to get out of it. plus i am not a 100 percent sure but i think that is how he builds unholy power and then purple dragon breath form hell comes. So i guess to answer your post kill adds and stay out of the green crap

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    I found it very easy to tank him down in the courtyard outside. I had everyone wait outside and pulled min down to them. I marked the two add that come with him as kill first and second. The courtyard gave plenty of room to move out of his AOEs while facing him away from the rest of the party. There were no adds, other than the ones he starts with.

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    basicly the outside tactic is the easyest imo ..

    Step 1 : Show the dps where to jump down and remove the patroling add that walks there ... ( when you pass the room just up the walkway is where you jump down )

    Step 2 : Designate Skull and X for dps to kill / burst down ..

    Step 3 : let dps agro adds and start burst , you taunt commander and start runnign down to courtyard with healer.

    Step 4 : DPS kills off the adds and run out room and jump down just as you arive in courtyard with commander ..

    Step 5 : Pew Pew - WIN ...

    Works 100% is way easyer and give achievment "To the Ground"

    I realy dont see whats so problematic about it ?

    Sidenote : If your a paladin tank you dotn even need the healer with ya while running down. I myself am one andi let the healer stay with the dps to make sure they dont get themselves killed and he jumps down a when 2nd mob is beeign dps'd ... on my run down i use my Ancient kings CD + Lay on Hands and that gets me to courtyard easy ...

    dunno about warior or drudi tansk so therefor i sugested you run with priest down ...
    Mostly dps can kite / selfheal / heal to kill the adds they shoudltn need healing but wel there are always fail people in pugs ...
    Tanking is not a hobby its a Lifestyle

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    We did it very easily with hunter mage bear-tank pally-heals and another warlock.

    Excluding the warlock our dps were able to all keep 10k+ dps in the dungeon, with the tank doing 9-10k (yes I hate him too, does 30k sometimes don't ask me why..) and our lock who just reached 85 not long ago at 7-8k.

    We bugged the first pair by hunter - dismiss pet ice trap feign death - then bear grab the boss as soon as they despawn. Hunter throws a ice trap at the left door facing away from stage, and all 3 dps dps at the stage (you know where I'm talking about)..

    First two adds had one cc'd (trap) and we burned 2nd add. Boss was down before the 2nd pair of adds spawn. (got the achievement to the ground :3). Hope this helps <3. Other things are just like always, don't stand in shit, pew pew, dead boss..

    Edit: Courtyard works too, but who knows when blizz will fix that .
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