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Thread: app questions

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    app questions

    I'm an officer in charge of recruitment for my guild. and i need ideas to ask questions other then the generic ones such as, how long have you been raiding please list past boss kills.
    anyone have interesting questions i can ask my applicants???

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    One question I like is "What encounter do you believe your class is weakest for? Why is that and what can you do to minimize that weakness?" also "What encounter do you think your class does particularly well at? Why?" The way someone answers these two questions can say a lot about them as a raider

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    "What's your favourite Heroic instance and why?"
    "How do you feel about selling boosts?"
    "What is your opinion on guild-provided consumables and/or enchants?"

    Questions like that tell you a lot about someone, what they like in the game, how resonsible they are and how much they want to feel superior etc.
    Good questions about someone's gaming mentality can be funny/ridiculous ones, such as:
    "If you could take one spell out of the game and use it IRL, which one would it be?"
    "What advise would you give Thrall so he can finally hook up with Jaina Proudmoore?"
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    This topic helped me to make my own application form but I would still want to get a opinion about it.
    Real Life Information
    Name :
    Age :

    World of Warcraft Information
    Character Name :
    Armory link :
    Professions :
    Specs :
    Application Form

    1. After Reading our Rules and Aims what is your opinion of them?
    2. What is the best thing about World of Warcraft in your opinion?
    3. What is Your Game time (server time)?
    4. The best and the worst things that happened to you in different Guilds?
    5. What's your favourite Heroic instance and why?
    6. What raid boss do you think is the hardest one and what makes it so?
    7. What is your opinion on guild-provided consumables and enchants?
    8. If you could take one spell out of the game and use it IRL, which one would it be and why?
    My aim with this form is to keep it simple (less then 12 questions), without any yes and no answers. I want to "force" Ppl to think and write something more then two words.

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    i think if you are going to have questions to answer i would suggest something related to their class thrown in there. maybe something like "what are you favorite things about your class?" or "if there was one thing you would change/add to your class what would it be?". something to show their knowledge on their class and depending on what they add or change or like/dislike will show a hint to their play style.

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    Name = irrelevent. Everyone in my guild knows me by Logan, but that isn't connected to me in any way. Instead of age, maybe something more like - where are you in life and what do you want to get out of joining a guild?

    I agree with Destruyen - more focus on their class or role. There are two keys to things working out in a guild, personality and performance. Maybe make an introspective question - which types of fights are you weakest at and why have you done in the past to compensate for this, like Bis suggested.

    I think you've got the personality question, but not necessarily the performance questions.

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    First I want to say thank you for new ideas (hope to get more).

    Destruyen - Thank you for Great Ideas for question

    Loganisis - I want ppl to give me they names and age, because sometimes it will stop let say "different" (Rage ppl) players from filling up the application. The reason is that some ppl act more stupid if you don't know they name, age and what they do. Yes it is not 100%, hell it is not even 1% working , but even so If it keep one off this type of players away it is great thing

    Now about the fight specific question, I like them. But not in Application. The reason I want to keep the application going up more then 12 question is that I don't want new members to be have to spend 60 min just writing, and I don't want my officer to fell that it is a job. I mean I seen guild application with over 20 question and I was thinking do the Guild Stuff really reads. Cuz I mean Checking aromry, looking up spec, next reading take alot off time for a officer (for me it is from 20 to 40 min). And that is not the end off the recruitment. Cuz I will want my officers to have chat with a player (using TS), and this is here where I would like to ask such question like "which types of fights are you weakest at and why have you done in the past to compensate for this".

    So thank you once more and I hope I will get more ideas

    PS. Tank Spot should have a sticky with question that you should ask when looking for ppl.

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    i thought about asking them to tell a joke to get a feel for the kind of humour they have.

    or something like link us a song that you enjoy listening to to get a feel for the persons style of music(if playing music in vent is your thing)

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    Araris - I think you'd have better luck with a trial period where your officers, and officers only, decide to keep someone or not.

    I really do think you'll get more out of a question about 'where are you at in life' because you might get more about the person that way too... "I'm living up the bachelor life" (24/7 player) - "I'm raising my family" (pray for a headset so you don't hear kids screaming in the background) - "I'm in high school" (be on guard for munchkin/elitiest/good player - who knows where it will fall).

    Age doesn't tell you as much as what you're doing with it.


    I also understand not wanting to turn the app into a college app, but if a player isn't going to take the time to give a little reasoned information on their class and how they play it... can you really expect them to be a proactive member of your guild once they are in?

    Good luck

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    In my experience, if a person is not prepared to sit down and write an application for longer than ten minutes, they are the kind of person who doesn't look at guides because "it will be explained by the raid leader anyway" and will need this explanation even after 10 weeks of farming said boss. If they don't want to write an app that is longer than 200 words, they obviously don't want to be in my guild enough, and I would rather save me or the other officers the trouble of having to type in /gremove playername.

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