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Thread: Need help with Prot Warrior tanking [random instance leveling]

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    i neva, neva, start whit charge.

    if a war chose to start whit charge, probably the next move will be rend and TP.

    This meaning the whole mob group will be dotted, and By-By C\C.

    This also meaning to pull out CD and burn healer mana.
    This also meaning you are play Cata whit Woklt style, and this is QUITE bad (expecialy in the Heroic whit entry level gear)

    i feel pretty useful the heroic trow to silence a caster and pull it in melee range, whit other mobs.
    If in a group, there are more caster than C\C, just charge one, silence him, intervenne on healer, silence whit trow the other one.
    Is triky, but probably, when a healer will see this, you will be praised (and also loved )
    Coz the race dosen't matter...For anyting else use MasterCard!

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    I quit WoW about 10 months ago and have just started back up so please excuse me if this advice is out of data or doesn't pertain to prot warrs anymore-

    With that disclaimer in place I have to say that the most common mistake I used to see when training a new tank was a lack of situational awareness. While this is a skill used by almost any class in a raid and I feel that tanking requires a level of awareness of your global environment well above that of any other class.

    Because you are not encountering end-game content yet and you don't have all of the tools that you will have at a higher level I would recommend practicing being aware of your environment. You have to be able to pay attention to everything that is happening around you while continuing to keep threat on whatever your current target is. As you progress to higher levels there is more and more to pay attention to so it is a good idea to start becoming aware of it now.

    Watch your health, watch your rage, watch the health of your party members, watch your threat on not just your current target but every target your party has currently engaged. Watch CCs so you can know when they break and you have to constantly be ready to pick them up if the player in charge of CCing them forgets to resheep/stun/whatever (this last one you probably wont have to do at lower levels).

    Other then situational awareness there is all the usual advice- get good addons that help, commit your rotation/priority to the point where it is just a reflex. Be open to learning new things and know that the difficulty of what you are doing ramps up as you get higher in level and see new content.

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    im am updating on wat to do to try to get threat for tanking for the prot warrior charge at a mob then thunder clap now i hav the spec that givs me two charges and then charge to another mob now get them in one pile and shockwave which is avaible at lv 60 if u get that spec super reccomended it perfect for tanking for it stuns all of them allowing ur dps to get damage off and for u to generate more threat hope i was a help to anyone that needed it
    -tudanga is my prot warrior lv 64 realm garrosh message me if u hav any further questions

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    now lets get this first i hav the spec that givs me two additional charges and shock wave
    now wat u wat to do first is charge at a mob then thundercalp then charge at another group and start using revenge and cleave then as u get them in one pile shockwave this will get u high threat and rage will b good as well now shockwave helps the group out alot for it giv u threat and no one else is getting hit and allows dps to get as much damage as possible out
    -tudanga prot warrior lv 64 my realm is garrosh and if anyone needs help send me som mail and ill get bac to u as soon as possible

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    Read this: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-Warrior-Guide

    Then create a new post if you still have questions. Thanks for coming!
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    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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