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Thread: 10 man is easy ! but is it efficient ??

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    10 man is easy ! but is it efficient ??

    hey guys,.,,
    i have been wanting to have a 10 man guild all along tbc and wotlk tbh....but the need of <25> man was bugging me.... i think most of u like being or having a 10 man guild ^^,, since its easy to maintain order and to make every1 understand..

    however, i read about the guild advancement and guild levels now a days and was wondering,,,, is 10 man efficient for me as a guild to level up normally and get achievements normally ? ,,, i mean not slow because we'll be like 15 ppl in guild maybe, with alts,.... so we will be slow in getting guild achievements and leveling up compared to guild with 50+ members.....

    i just wanted to ask you... is it enough ? or should get some more members in order to level up fast and easy ?

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    It's totally enough, guild perks definitely helps but aren't necessary by any means.

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    Just because you are 10 man guild does not mean you only have 10 - 20 members. You can be a larger guild but focus on 10 man progression only and run multiple teams of 10's.

    From my experience , with the advance of the hybrid classes , finding 10 cats to herd on a nightly , weekly basis is WAY easier than finding 25 cats to herd.

    With 10's you have to pay better attention to the following things:

    1. Buffs and who brings them.
    2. Player performance - you can hide in 25's but not in 10's .
    3. Class balance - again hybrids bring the best value to 10's as you can swap out.

    Our guild has about 15 people who each have 3 plus toons so we can vary our raid comp as we need. Overall we have 85 people in our guild but not all are active or raid.

    If your core group is active then you will get the guild achievements. Will you be as fast as the mega guilds that have 200+ members , probably not but you will know that your overall contribution to the group is better known and appreciated.

    Just my 2 cents having been in big guilds and small guilds.

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    Honestly its up to you. If you guys are laid back and dont mind getting the perks slower, than by all means do so. ^^ As long as you are all active outside of raiding you should be able to do it at a moderate pace. But to run a 10 man guild you dont always have to limit it to a main core and a few bench players.

    My guild is a 10 man focused guild but we have over 40-50ish individual accounts. about 110ish toons in all. We take higher level (60-80, or in cata terms 85, lol) toons that want to raid when they get up and help them gear up buy spamming heroics and hopefully catching some of the fresh talent that some of them might not have had the experience to show in more hard core raiding guilds.

    Anyway, you can do a 10 man guild with more than just a core group. A lot of people like being in a guild for a social aspect, and want to raid but are maybe to afraid to be lost in the crowd of a large, non casual guild. I've found that just getting to know players makes it so much easier as a raid leader to get them to listen. also if you have more than just a core, you have more people within the guild to do things with. ^^

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