<Banned> is recruiting skilled players for Cataclysm raiding we are a 10 man raiding guild and we need you so we can hit the ground running in cataclysm. We expect players to show initiative, awareness and present a positive attitude while raiding.

Schedule: Thursday and Sunday 6-9 pm Server, 8-11 pm EST

Recruitment is currently open to:
-Holy paladin

-Elemental/Enhancement Shaman

-Blood DK
-Feral Druid

Were always looking for exceptional players regardless of class.

ICC 10 12/12
ICC-H 10 11/12
Glory of the Icecrown raider (10)

Loot: Loot is Distributed via Loot Council that is based upon Dedication, Performance and Upgrade.

If you like what you hear head on over to www.bannedic.guildlaunch.com to apply or contact tankshifter, bjoan, or Nekt in game with any further questions.