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Thread: GTFO, Tankspot!

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    GTFO, Tankspot!

    No, no, not "GTFO Tankspot." "GTFO, Tankspot!" The comma is important!

    Help you (and/or your friends) stop standing in fire and GTFO!

    I have written an addon to help you move your butt when bad stuff is at your feet. Whether you're tanking, DPSing, or healing, you (or someone you know) can benefit greatly from this mod, especially when learning the new encounters this week!

    The premise of the mod is simple: When you're standing in something you shouldn't be standing in, the mod beeps at you (or can display a visual alert if you have Power Auras installed) with a very distinctive and unmistakable sound. If you stood in something bad that you should've moved out of (like a fire wall or delayed bomb explosion), it also beeps at you to remind you not to fail for next time. If you're not tanking, there are even more alerts when you're getting hit by stuff only tanks should be absorbing.

    This addon's great for:
    • People that play with low graphics/spell detail
    • People that can't tell the difference between a poison puddle and an efflorescence
    • Healers that are too busy looking at grid/HB bars to see their own feet are on fire
    • Raid leaders too busy looking at everyone else
    • Anyone that plays while high, drunk, or sleepy
    • PvPers doing world PvP and BGs (is that AOE your team's or the enemy's?)
    • Giving out to bad puggers to clue them in, especially if your ignore list is full
    • Pros that want to improve or maintain their reaction time (that's us!)

    With mana-conservation and self-preservation being more important than ever, your healers will be glad you have this!

    I originally wrote this mod to help me with fire tanking in Illidan, and then I realized I could use this mod to help out our raiders stay out of stuff on Illidari Council. It just expanded from there.

    Today, it delivers alerts for Classic, BC, Wrath, and Cataclysm content with the 5-man and Heroic 5-man stuff tested and ready to go (unless Blizzard slipped in some changes between Beta and release). The Cataclysm raid stuff is available in "Beta/Experimental Mode" only at the moment because I didn't get the chance to verify any of the alerts back in Beta. My goal is to have this fully ready to go by Week 2 of Cataclysm.

    So if you guys find the mod useful, let me know! If you're an early Cata raider and want to help me verify the Cata raid alerts work, please enable the "Experimental Mode" option and any feedback or suggestions (or bug reports) are highly appreciated!

    Download it here at the addon site of your choice:

    P.S. Special thanks to Tankspot because your Cataclysm Raid videos and boss ability descriptions have assisted me in preparing this mod for the new raids.

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    This looks like a good addon to give a try as my situational awareness is quite poor now.

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    This is one of my most loved addons that I've ever used! Thank you very much for it

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    I've made quite a few updates recently based on new data I found in heroics. My guild hopefully will start raiding next week so I can start marking "experimental" warnings as confirmed.

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