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Thread: New Combat Analysis Tool

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    New Combat Analysis Tool


    There is a new World of Warcraft Combat Analysis project - http://www.raidlogs.com

    Key Features:
    * Guild Raid Sessions Management - Easy navigation.
    * Multi-Team Guild Support - Manage all teams under a single or many account sharing the same guild association.
    * Role Detection.
    * Attempt Overview Report - Output pies, Tank/Raid Healing Responsiveness and Role Cast.
    * Meters and Histograms Reports - The obvious plus Efficiency information.
    * Contribution/Distribution Reports - Raid wide reports using a stacking bar chart format.
    * Encounter Mechanics Performance Reports - Tailor made hundreds of reports for each Boss encounter.
    * Comprehensive Comparison System - Output/Mechanics in both Raid/Players modes.
    * Guild and Player Search Tool - Quick access to a Player statistics Page or to a Guild Session Index.
    * Ranking system - World/Location/Realm and Multiple Class Specs Support.
    * Players and Guild Promotion system.(Not live yet)

    Official Europe WoW Forums Thread:

    Home Page:

    Demo Sessions:

    Any thoughts, comments and feedback is Welcome!

    Author of raidlogs
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    anyone know if this is legit?

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    The Ranking system is live now.
    It can produce ranking in the following slices:
    * World
    * Location
    * Realm
    * Multiple Class Specs
    * Raid Size
    * Encounter Difficulty

    For the laugh(or not) Pets will also be supported by the Ranking System(not on live yet)

    There's a quick link:

    Bear in mind the current ranking data are only for the feature presentation.
    Check out ICC bosses to see it in work.


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    you mis spelt necrotic plague you wrote nercotic

    Watch me play SC2 ladder and enjoy the lolz

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    Looks nice. How would you distinguish it from, say, World of Logs? What does it do better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illidra View Post
    you mis spelt necrotic plague you wrote nercotic
    Thanks for the catch.


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    Quote Originally Posted by swelt View Post
    Looks nice. How would you distinguish it from, say, World of Logs? What does it do better?
    Well I consider the following, features that could distinguish it from WoL and maybe other analysis tools:

    Mechanics Reports
    - those are ad-hoc reports tailor made for each encounter. Comes in handy in pin-pointing Boss mechanic problems.

    Wide Raid Distribution/Contribution Reports
    - those are visual chart based reports for the whole raid using a stacking bar format, It helps see problems in the context of Damage distribution on each target(all targets and all the raid on a single chart). It also helps seeing Healing
    distribution such as healers on players(again all the healers and all the players on a single chart).
    It might help also in evaluating players rotation utilization in compare to other players(all players damage/healing breakdown in a single chart)

    Comparison System
    - raidlogs sports a comprehensive comparison system which let you compare up to 20 fights slicing information into many categories like the obvious DD/HD/DT/DH both in raid mode and in players mode, in addition it also capable of comparing the raid/players performance in regards to the encounter mechanics, this comes very handy in recognizing players patterns(bad and good ones) along the attempts.

    Automatic Role Detection - roles like Tank, Healer and DPS are automatically detected and shown in the reports.

    Search Tool - a small feature, you can search for guilds and players and get links to their respective information pages.
    Player Information Page - this page let you see this player last 50 fights and the role he took on those(tank,healer,dps) + instant links to the fights and the player guild membership history.

    Multi-Team Guild support - For guilds whom running multiple teams and wish to register logs on different teams, raidlogs support that.
    when you're logged on you'll have all your associated guilds and Team-Guilds visible in your guild session page.

    Guild Session Page - A very easy to navigate page where you see all your sessions and fights and some statistical information(like Boss remaining health and more). Instant access to your other Guild's teams.

    Ranking System - What might be consider new here is the option to have rankings not only for the Whole World but also for Locations and Realms. in addition it also support multiple Class Specs simultaneously.

    I might be forgetting something but if so I'll add it later.

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    New dark theme added.

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    Raw Log Browsing System is Live now.

    About the Raw Log Browsing System(RLB):
    RLB expression editor is a free text control able to parse SQL like where clause.
    RLB currently does not have a wizard UI to auto generate the expression. You write the expressions in a similar way that you tell someone what to do, well sort of.
    RLB has no limitation of row count thought you can see 100 at a time, you can traverse from the start to the end of the fight raw logs.

    RLB consist of three panes:
    - Upper Pane: This pane hold the legend of all available Contexts.
    - Left Pane: Will show only if you're logged in, this pane let you save/update/delete Expression Presets to your Private Preset Library or to Your Guild Preset Library
    - Lower pane: The actual Expression Editor where you enter your code.

    What is a Context
    A context is an abbreviation for something you may look for in the Raw Log, like: Source Unit Name, Spell, get all Hostile Units, get all failed dispels and many more.
    An expression may include a single context or many of those which you decide how to relate one to each other by using logical operators.

    - Get all source friendly units missed melee events:
    [s_friendly] and [miss_melee]

    - Get all player's 'ImAlwaysdispeling' dispels:
    [s_name] = 'ImAlwaysdispeling' and ([dispel] or [dispel_failed])

    - Get all players died from defile:
    [t_friendly] and [killed] and [spell] = 'Defile'

    - Get all stacks information about Mystic Buffet for player 'IdidNotGetAbove5Stack'
    [t_name] = 'IdidNotGetAbove5Stack' and [aura_all_applications] and [aura_all_removals] and [spell] = 'Mystic Buffet'

    - Get all Damage taken from targets with names starting with 'Shamb' (take notice that like is case sensitive and ilike is not)
    [t_friendly] and [dmg] and[s_name] ilike 'shamb%'

    - Get all CC's done to a Valkir with Spawn ID-35876
    [t_spawn_id] = 35876 and [spell_cc]

    - Get all dispels done to the Tanks between '2010-12-1 10:21:22' and '2010-12-1 10:21:52'
    [t_tank] and [dispel] and [time] between '2010-12-1 10:21:22' and '2010-12-1 10:21:52'

    - Get all DPS and Healers whom agroed:
    ([t_dps] or [t_healer]) and [dmg_melee]

    - Get only the dispels from Pally healers:
    [s_paladin] and [s_healer] and [dispel]

    Note: At this point, if you enter an invalid expression, RLB will not tell you what exactly is wrong but only a general error message.
    Although I'll be addressing that in the future, This is what you might want to check out If you get errors:
    1) Check that you use Valid context Names, you'll need to include the Brackets([]) too.
    2) Check that you enter a valid value to a mandatory Value Context such as [spell] (It has to be [spell] = 'some spell name' or [spell] in ('spell name 1', 'spell name 2')).
    3) Check that the logical operator are in place. write something like [t_friendly] [dispel] will result in an error. Should be: [t_friendly] and [dispel]
    4) Time values must be fully qualified with year-month-day hour:minutes like '2010-12-1 10:21' (seconds and milliseconds are optional)
    5) Check that your expression does not include words like: delete, select, drop, create, update and such. this is due to monitoring SQL Injections.
    Raidlogs will reject any expression with such content.

    A link where you can check it out:

    This is just an introduction post, I'm sure that people will be very creative in what they can get out of it.

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