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Thread: <Demon Knights> Silver Hand - Horde - LFM Like-minded individuals - Raiding/Casual

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    <Demon Knights> Silver Hand - Horde - LFM Like-minded individuals - Raiding/Casual

    Hello World!

    The Demon Knights of Silver Hand is a Horde guild created day 2 of Classic. We have been consistently playing WoW through all expansions and have a solid and dedicated leadership and member base. We are looking for more like-minded members for the Cataclysm expansion.

    Our Prime Directive is - Friends First and Foremost - and always will be. We don't have class requirements or strict level requirements in regard to recruitment or raiding. We care more about the person playing than what toon they play. DK is looking to expand our numbers in the interest of building new friendships and having fun.

    While we don't consider ourselves to be a hard-core raiding guild, we do raid. When we do, we take it seriously. The focus is friends, fun, and community. We have two active 10-man raids, and are looking to expand into more.

    To get a feel for who we are as a guild, I invite you to read about us here.

    If this sounds like the place for you, please let us know! www.demon-knights.org

    Thank you.
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