Guild: Rising Storm
Server: US PVP Dalvengyr
Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm - 12 EST

About us
<Rising Storm> is a 10-man raiding guild on Dalvengyr founded by players that have played together for years. Many of which have raided in US top 50 guilds. Our goal is simple: create a strong pve and pvp presence with the launch of Cataclysm. Despite our casual raid schedule in comparison to other high-end guilds we still maintain a competitive raiding environment. We are only looking to recruit the best players available.

With the major shift in philosophy by the game developers involving 10- and 25-man raids, this expansion provides the perfect opportunity for 10-man guilds. We'll be running two heroic 10 mans instead of 25s as there is not enough incentive (gear is the same, titles are the same, legendaries are obtainable) to warrant them. During progression we will select the best 10 players based on performance, class, gear, etc. to ensure that we get bosses down as soon as possible.

Be prepared as a PvE applicant to dedicate yourself to performing each raid night. This includes the usual flasks, BiS enchants, gems etc - but performing requires an immense amount of time invested not only in-game but you must also stay up-to-date on new class mechanics / rotations / specs to provide the maximum throughput possible. You will be expected to play your class on the edge of what it is capable of doing.

Raid Times
All times are EST, which is also Dalvengyr server time.

* Tuesday: 8-12
* Wednesday: 8-12

Recruiting Status
All exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of class or spec.

* Druid - HIGH (Restoration, Feral Tank)
* Paladin - HIGH (Ret, Holy, Protection)
* Death Knight - Medium (DPS, Tank)
* Mage - Low
* Priest - Low
* Rogue - Low
* Warrior HIGH (Protection)
* Hunter - Medium
* Shaman - Medium (Enh)
* Warlock - Medium

PVP RECRUITMENT - Currently recruiting 2200+ players for rated bgs and arenas, pst spoodzx ingame for more info

Apply at our website:
- Feel free to contact me for further questions in-game