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Thread: i feel i am a bad tank, help me get better

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    i feel i am a bad tank, help me get better

    ok i have an 80 warrior (http://wow-heroes.com/index.php?zone...ame=NetherRelm) my main spec is pve fury i only take tank gear as offset rolls on the occasion it drops and no tanks need it, i do not ever ever ever tank raids, i do however instaQ tank for heroic rep/JP farming i always seem to have problems holding aggro on multi mob pulls regardless of what i do

    the things i come here looking for help are:
    1: tank macros to make things a bit more fluid
    2: a proper tank spec / glyphs
    3: a nice break down of rotations for ST-MT-AOE pulls

    thank you in advance, heres to hoping my first post is met with only mild flaming

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    I've been playing with macros a lot as I'm levelling a prot/arms warrior right now... some good things to know:

    CHARGE isn't on the global cooldown, so you can macro it to other things. Battle shout now GIVES rage instead of costing rage, so I recommend a /cast Charge /cast Battle Shout macro. This ensures that you start out fights with a TON of rage, and if you're chain-pulling and such, once you're going you shouldn't be running on empty very often.

    Cleave and Heroic Strike are no longer "on next swing" but they're on a shared 3s cooldown, so macro them to something--Devastate is what I macro'd them to. My macro looks like this:
    /cast Devastate
    /cast [nomod] Cleave
    /cast [mod:alt] Heroic Strike

    So on bosses I can use alt-hotkey to use heroic strike, or if I'm in a low-rage situation for some reason I can use shift or ctrl to not trigger either to save rage.

    My boyfriend, pro prot warrior that he is, has ridiculous and epic macros, but I usually go with just simple little ones to make life a tiny bit easier.

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    I don't recommend /cast charge /cast battle shout... as I recall battle shout is on the GCD.

    I also tank with no macros, I don't see them as necessary especially with the change Blizz made to the ability cue. I'd recommend having a look at Aggathon's Prot Warrior guide (out-dated but the ability priority is still the same) and then just hang tight for a while while everyone gets used to cata gear/mechanics and eventually someone will post a guide.
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