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Thread: Fire Mages In Cataclysm

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    sad but true...but can we get back as to what the real raid spec is now?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goros View Post
    No, I raided in all 264/277 gear in Arcane for 10&25 and would routinely beat fire mages in all 277 gear. I'm definitely the exception however, as fire was the cookiecutter ICC raidspec because even fails could do massive dps with it once they got carried to enough gear.
    That's a horrible attitude to have. I assume that all ret pallies, death knights, and *insert class/spec here* were all facerolling morons too?

    I have no doubt that plenty of fire mages were horrible, but the same can be said of every single class. Baddies come in many, many varieties.

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    true as that is. There we also specs that were flat out just BAD! Also, the only way to get 277 was from ICC25 Hero which meant that you had to be good. No sane raid leader would let a you into the raid unless you had skill!

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