Hey hey, Big patch came through I swaped to dps alts instead of my tank and was having tons o fun. Then the guild told me that come cata I needed to level my warrior (im the guilds MT but we have suspended raiding till post cata).

What you see in my armory is what you get. I havent reforged and my missing enchants disappeared during the patch (apparently a bug that blizz dosent seem fit to fix).

Heres what I am hoping for;
Any gear advice both in general and with specifics on reforging.
Any spec advice
What works best for single target Priority "rotation" attacks
What works best for AOE Priority "rotation" attacks
What should I do about my weapon? (Heard somewhere slower is better again....)

As far as my experience goes I tanked 10 man only in TBC, Main tanked our guild runs in WOTK (we are a 10 man strict guild or rather we were) In WOTLK I MT'd all of ICC 10 including all hardmodes with the exception of SINDY and LK.

oh yah an armory link might help huh?

>.> Forgot to add I'm not solely relying on you to solve all my problems I will be digging through topics here and wondering what happened to tankingtips.com as I await your responses