Server: Hyjal (US-PvE) PST Timezone
Website: Dread Guild

The Insurrection of <Dread> is a hardcore 10-man team looking to fill our roster for Cataclysm raiding. Our members are highly-skilled and our leader comes from years raiding in a Top-50 guild. Insurrecton is one of the founding teams of <Dread>, which is a meta-guild, a community of multiple 10-man and PVP teams that banded together to share substitutes and all the benefits a larger guild offers for Cataclysm leveling perks. To learn more about <Dread> and apply to The Insurrection, visit us:

The Insurrection is currently recruiting:
  • 1 exceptional Resto Shaman - complete our 10-man roster
The Insurrection's accomplishments:
  • Bane of the Fallen King (12/12 HM ICC)
  • Heroic Ruby Sanctum
  • Glory of the Icecrown Raider
  • Strong member achievements: Earth, Wind & Fire, Herald of the Titans, Tribute to Insanity, etc.
We will raid Tue-Thu @7pm PST. We've downed all Wrath content as a group so our focus is on preparing for Cataclysm leveling and raiding. We are only looking for highly-skilled players interested in competing for server firsts on the server. You must have Hardmode ICC experience in either 10s or 25s. We'll expect you to prove your DPS, if that's the role you apply for.

To apply, visit our forums and fill out an application at: Dread Guild. Our other teams are looking for new members as well! Even if you don't see your class or don't think you're a good Insurrection fit, check out <Dread> for other openings.

You can also catch us online on Hyjal. Look for Solaya, Arcticlight or Quietpaw.