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Thread: Build a PvP Dk .

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    Build a PvP Dk .

    Im starting to PVP im my Dk ..... and i need to see fresh new ideias about talents trees ... weapons ...Gear ... Addons ...

    If u about a nice ideia just post it ... to compare and learn more about this

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    p.s. i hope english isn't your first language, because you're getting like a C- in it.

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    frost also holds up really well, you can play UH or frost and do very well with whatever spec you choose. it's still too early for specifics but arenajunkies.com has some excellent ideas and arguments, but it's still all speculation at this point. one thing is for sure, get the bloodied pyrium plate pvp set, a good weapon, rings, trinkets, cloak, relic etc... get honor capped and be ready for when the new season goes live.

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    At this current moment, frost could be considered stronger for the beginning dk (or any dk) for a plethora of reasons.

    1) The amount of haste on gear right now is relatively low in comparison to what it will be at mid season.
    -haste is very very important for an unholy death knight's damage output as well as their RP gen.
    -the stats on gear that you would reforge are low aswell.
    -gear right now is saturated with mastery, which is what Frost stacks in place of haste.
    2) Frost has a lower skill cap (its true.)

    This being said, I feel that unholy is the superior spec, however it is harder to play.
    here are some unholy specs. I dont spec into Resilient Infection, however some DKs find that dropping a point in Ebon Plaguebringer as well as a point in unholy blight can yield good results. I feel that the unholy DK is pretty much GCD capped as it is right now, however im planning on trying out the RI variation as soon as s9 goes live in order to really get a grasp of what I feel is better.
    Here are the specs:

    Unholy WITHOUT Resilient Infection:

    Unholy WITH Resilient Infection:

    As far as glyphs go, there really isnt any discussion.
    If you want to go frost and spam buttons all day, thats fine. However, i've found that over my 4 seasons of playing on the dk that playing traditional SS Unholy is much more rewarding than giving in to beginning of season gimmicks.

    Also, dont waste your money on the crafted plate pvp set. Just farm the honor for the blue pvp set and save your cash for enchants/gems because those will net you much much more in the long run.

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