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Thread: Assasination For the Win - The ultimate PVP rogue

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    Assasination For the Win - PVP / Edited

    Ok. So.. As you can read in the topic title this post will be about assasination pvp rogue. Yes. You read it right. Assasination not Subtl. Why? Maybe becasue I like when it is a bit harder or maybe because Assasination fits all classes perfectly.

    First my build and explanation to it:


    I realy dont know how to build it different for PVP. I had hard time thinking about [Deadened Nerves] and [Cut to the Chase]. I still think Slice'n'Dice is more PVE talent than PVP.. i just can't imagine the time when to burn SnD. And in addition i can realy see Sinister Strike between some "combo point" gaps.

    Assasination is well known from its PVE damage, but since 4.0 it become powerfull PVP weapon. I rely this opinion on either Improved Expose Armor, Venomous Wound, and Blackjack. Not telling about mastery and passives, which makes it even better.

    I'v chosen those talents because in my opinion assaination rogue is all about tech and stunlocking. And as we know, stunlocking will eventualy block us from using high combopoint abilities like Envenom and Evisicrate, thats why we need speed, and burning melee/poison damage.

    For combat tree, [Improved Speed] is a must. I just don't see long time fights without it. And the most wanted [Improved Kick] which is perfect tech talent for stunlockers as I want to be.
    Improved kick is realy helpfull with stunlock math, which i see like this:

    Sap(70% damage reduction for 8 seconds)+Garrote(5 seconds of silence)+Kick(3 second of silence)

    That makes 8 second of almost no melee damage and 8 seconds without heals/spells. Between this i put Mutilate (which, when critted gives 3 combo points) and one Sinister or Mutilate again. Yes it's doable. Sap, Garrote, Mutilate, Kick, Sinister/Mutilate and Kidney Shot for max duration. I dont know about [Expose Armor]. I would eventualy kickout the 2nd Muti/Sinister for using Expose on plates. It gives back all combo points so it's just the matter of time.

    Kidney Shot is not the end. After kidney i can use Kick again, and have silence + Dismantle which makes melee useless. Or Gauge to build up energy. But with Overkill I dont think it will be big matter. Dismantle is 10 second duration. Here comes the trick. Now i have to survive and using gauge wait for Kidney to CD back.

    You can always "reset" rotation by using Cloack of Protection with Vanish and just sap, garrote once more.

    There are so many ways of doing the PVP with assasination that I'm still confused. You have to REALY master it if u want to play it good.

    And btw. i prefer assasination because shadowstep/ambush/vanish/shadow/ambush/prep/vanish/ambush is too... well.. i don;t see myself in such an "easy" mode

    If you have any comments, please wrote it down.
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    From my experience playing assasination PvP, there is no need to use sinister strike at all. It's much more beneficial to just mutilate & get to 5 CP asap. If you need that 5th point because you didn't crit either mut, throw a gouge down (glyphed seems to help a lot now). I would move the points in imp SS to imp recuperate, you'll need the boost in self healing at 85 since full on stunlocking won't be as possible as it used to be. The extra point would go into ruthlessness back in the assassination tree.

    The points in expose armor are kind of pointless as well, you should ALWAYS use envenom vs plate... poisons ignore armor completely (but it doesn't ignore resil). I would move those 2 points up to ruthlessness as well, that way anytime you drop a finisher you are keeping combo points building fast.

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