Edgeplay Recruitment
Who are Edgeplay

Edgeplay is a progression raiding guild on the Stormscale EU PVP server, and was formed in the late wotlk expansion; Edgeplay holds high standards for all its members as we progress through Cataclysm

We seek any class or spec at any giving time, we also try to keep our roster as flexible as possible and insure that our members perform to the best of their ability, in other words players will need to stay on top of their game to secure there spots in the core team.

We are looking to expand our roster with just great, high skilled players more than anything else. Do not be put off from applying because you feel we have a certain amount of a specific class. Spots are performance based and if you can show that you are better, then every spot is there for the taking. A lot of our best recruits don't come from well known guilds, but the absolute best players in less well known guilds who want more from the game.

Requirements for joining Edgeplay

If you are considering applying for Edgeplay there are requirements

What we want from you

Top-notch raid performance goes without saying, and being able to play your class to perfection is the standard for raiding in Edgeplay and staying on top of your class changes and adapt

Be over 18 years of age, there have been some exceptions to this, but don't even consider it if you are under 17.

General whining is not tolerated at all. If your main focus is loot or you canít handle sitting out of raids sometimes, then this is not the right guild for you. Sometimes certain compositions will be better and you simply wonít get a spot. We expect you to play for the guild and its progress above all else.

You must be able to take sometimes extremely harsh criticism and improve from it. You will make mistakes, everyone does. It's important that you will learn from them, not make them again and respect the criticism you take.

A very good sense of humor will serve you good as well, we have no rules of witch jokes people can tell to each other, and if you are easily offended by racial, sexual, political or religious jokes you won't last long as you may just be the victim of the day.

Raid Schedule

Our raid times are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 19:30/7:30pm to 23:30/11:30pm (server time) these time may vary by one hour in each end depending where we stand at that current time

We also have plans for a Saturday early raid but this not final yet, however you should be able to make at least 2/4 of these a mouth

Please note that all of these times may change in the future but if so we will try to adjust it to fit most people's needs.


We will be using a EPGP system to handle our loot, this is to insure that loot is given out fairly across the team but also to make sure that people who work more for it gets it, even with the numbers being solid you should not expect to get loot if you only show up for farm nights and not progression nights and should in that case not apply to the guild to begin with. All new members are giving a start pool of 1500EP and 300GP and the weekly decay is 5%.

A light loot council will insure that loot is been giving out in a way that helps the guild out the most however this will mostly apply to legendary's and BiS items

Your application

First impression go a long way, a good application will greatly increase you chance of being accepted for trial we expect that applicants put a good deal of work into their application, we are quick to throw away applicant who do not put a lot of effort in too their application

If you have certain questions about a specific role or the guild itself please feel free to contact one of our officers via PM on our website (link below)


Azria - Ranged Dps

Amenopis - Healing

Abliterate - Tanking

Seafur - Melee Dps

Vacaliga GM - Anything else


Overall we have a solid crew we have very high expectations for Cataclysm, if we sound like we have the values you are looking for and you can provide the performance we are looking for please fill a form on our website (link below)


Please note that for security reasons we do need you register with the site.

We look forward to hearing from you

Good luck from Edgeplay