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Thread: Clique And HolyWord:Sanc/Serenidy Issues

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    Clique And HolyWord:Sanc/Serenidy Issues

    I'v been having this issue with the clique+grid Setup since the recent patch that when i try to bind my HolyWord:sanc/Serenidy and use it it's telling me i have not learned the spell or that my target is invalid. now i'm assuming its because you cant actually bind these two spells because they are both part of HolyWord:Chastise, But prior to the patch it was working so that if i bound holyWord:Chastise it would work for the other spells. i was wondering if anyone is having the same problem or might have a solution other then just not using a Click/healbot type setup for it.

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    Well, my smart aleck answer was: Use VuhDo. But more specifically, have you looked at Grid and Clique's forums on WoWAce? Sounds more like a Clique issue, but it could be something else.

    I know the VuhDo author was saying something about an issue w/ Chakra applications for Holy priests? May be a different spell, but I know he was working on it.

    I can't particularly help you specifically, cuz I let other people handle priest knowledge for us.
    I'm an alt-oholic. I'm ok with that.

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    This is a known issue with the Holy word spells. For now, macro's aren't able to properly use Holy word when it morphs under the Chakra effect.

    there is a workaround, though. Pull holy word: Chastise from your book onto a bar and set up a button click macro for it.


    /tar [@mouseover,exists]
    /click ActionButton8

    adjust the actionbutton # to be the one for the slot Holy word: chastise is in.
    you can then link the new macro using your interaction mod.

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