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Thread: Prot Warrior Stats

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    Prot Warrior Stats

    Ok, So I've just made lvl 80, leveled as prot, and never used a glyph while tanking, nor did I pay much attention to stats. Now that I am 80 however, I know I need to get my stats and glyphs right. So that being said. Which stats do I need to focus on? What are the caps for dodge/parry/hit? I've searched for nearly an hour and found nothing related to the current patch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Current Stats
    Hit 5.63% (173)
    Dodge 12.06% (290)
    Parry 9.18% (193)

    Current Glyphs

    • Devastate
    • Shield Slam
    • Revenge

    • Thunder Clap
    • Cleaveing
    • Heroic Throw

    • None ATM

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    There are no caps for avoidance.
    Minor glyphs I would suggest atleast Commanding Shout, rest is mostly flavor.
    You could replace Heroic Throw with Sunder as Major Glyph if you plan on doing some instances.
    Personally I would suggest getting ready for Cataclysm, it's only 2 weeks away untill you'll be levelling again.
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