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Thread: Guild Question

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    Guild Question

    Hey everyone, a slightly unusual question for you.

    I am just coming back to WoW after a several month hiatus - I was quite active around the time the first wing of ICC was bleeding edge content, and I played a Fury Warrior. Beyond this, I have a fair bit of experience with raiding content in both TBC and earlier WotLK content. So now that I am back for Cataclysm I am looking to get into hardcore raiding.

    I have one small problem though.

    All of the above experience was gained while playing with my best friend's account.

    He'd stopped playing WoW and was happy for me to use his account. However, he wants to come back for Cataclysm, and wants his account back.

    So, as it stands, I have a level 66 warrior that I should have to 80 by the time Cata hits. However, I have no way of proving my previous experience, and I am reluctant to mention having shared an account with someone, as account sharing is against WoW rules.

    So, does anybody have any bright ideas? How can I get myself into a good Cata raiding guild, given my current situation?

    Any and all help will be much appreciated.


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    It's possible but not probable. Only idea I can think of besides using your buddy's toon name on the account that you were previously playing as a reference on guild apps is to start farming the hell out of all the 25 mans you can. Even so, you have limited time. Good luck, but I do not have much optimism here. Unless you have an in with someone in one of the guilds you're applying to.
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    Hopefully you are on a server that has successful pugs. I know you're ultimate goal is to get into a solid raiding guild but you might to have to start off in pugs. Also much like the beginning of any expansion there will be a period of time where people are making a mad dash for max level. There will be few tanks at level 85, fewer that will be able to handle heroic content, and fewer still that will be able to handle raid content.

    My recommendation is as you level and do new instances, advertise that you are a tank running an instance in general or trade. Many dps and healers will jump onboard for instant queues and you can put feelers out if they are impressed with you that you are looking for a solid raiding guild. Level fast and do the same for heroics as there will be fewer tanks able to handle them. If this is all done correctly you should have a group of people that know of you, that know you are raid worthy and will want to get into raids for realm firsts that may not want to wait for their "guild tank" that is taking his or her sweet time.

    Research the dungeons and raids before you do them. There are many videos already available on this website of the new fights. Be all that you can be and guilds will want you.

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