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    I have been reading these forums for some time and appreciate all the great information posted here. I have a dual spec warrior and mostly run as fury but I do like the idea of having everything ready to tank if the need arises. I have tanked many times in the past and even had it as my main spec on my alliance toon during BC. I stopped playing for some time and just started back into the game and the tanking formula seems to have changed quite a bit. I have read all of the patch notes and comments on this and other sites, but i am having a lot of problem tanking. I cannot seem to get aggro on groups or keep aggro if I do get it. I know that some of the problem is that the current flavor of the game is to have a tank that generates massive aoe to gather all the mobs and dps burns it all down. I don't feel like the warrior tank is able to do that anymore. I do ok if i can get a group that will allow me to mark and follows progression, but they are few and far between. Well sorry for rambling. I need help! please look over my gear and give me some suggestions.


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    You gear looks fine. I would tend to say it's a technique issue. Before I get to that there are a few things about your gear. Most people are gemming straight stamina and reforging for expertise, mastery or hit. Gemming for resiliency is bad. Mark of supremacy is not a tanking trinket. Since you asked about threat I will stick to that topic. Your expertise is slightly low, unless you eat expertise food. It needs to be 26 because dodged attacks create no threat. Are you getting rage starved with no points in shield specialization? In terms technique, are you charging in using rend, then using thunder clap and shockwave? Do you use cleave on multiple mobs? Are you using shield slam and revenge on every cool down? Do you rotate your targets? Aoe is not a warrior tanks bread and butter, but using rend then thunder clap, shockwave, and cleave is usually enough to hold aggro on multiple mobs. Unless you are doing heroics with mega geared dps who don't give you time to build aggro at all you should be able to hold aggro. Single target threat is really what warrior tanks do best imo. Shield slam, heroic strike, revenge, devastate is an awesome single target rotation.

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    Warriors hold AoE threat very well right now.

    Charge>TC/Cleave>Shockwave>Shield Slam your skull>Revenge/Cleave>Start tabbing through the targets with devastate/revenge/shield slam, putting the greatest emphasis on your skull target, Cleaving, Thunderclapping, and Shockwaving every time they're off cooldown.

    You can hold aggro vs. some beastly AoE dps with this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bung View Post
    Your expertise is slightly low, unless you eat expertise food. It needs to be 26 because dodged attacks create no threat.
    Expertise only needs to be 23 at level 80 right now... it'll be back up to 26 by level 85.

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    if you even posted the title as "HELP!" why wouldn't you notice an entire forum named that. Please read rules before posting.

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