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Thread: [A - Nordrassil - US] <ONITALL> Recruiting for 25 man Cataclysm Team!

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    [A - Nordrassil - US] <ONITALL> Recruiting for 25 man Cataclysm Team!

    Server: Nordrassil Time Zone: PST
    Battlegroup: Emberstorm Server Type: PVE

    About Us
    ONITALL is a large wow community, made up of over 500 players. Yet we have the personal feel of smaller guilds. We have something going on every night so no matter when you log in you can jump into something. We have a strong leadership group in place and a strong plan for the future.

    Cataclysm Aspirations
    Our goals for Cataclysm are to have 10 or more progressive 10 man teams and at least 2 progressive 25 man teams. We plan on maxxing out our guild achievement points every day to supply all guild members with the awesome guild perks Blizzard is putting in the game. We plan on competing for various server firsts and plan to maintain a top 5 server guild rank through out the expansion. But we always will strive to be number 1.

    We have a strong PvP plan in place for rated battlegrounds and arenas. Whether you’re a strictly PvP player or just like to dabble in it, there is always PvP going on.

    Raid Progression

    Argaloth 10 man down

    ICC 10 Man
    •12/12 Normal
    •11/12 Heroic
    •Drakes Completed
    ICC 25
    •11/12 Normal
    •1/12 Heroic
    Ruby Sanctum
    •10 Man Normal (complete)
    •10 Man Heroic (18%)
    •25 Man Normal (complete)
    •10 Man hard modes (complete)
    •Algaon (complete)
    Togc 10 Man
    •Tribute to mad skill
    Earth Wind and Fire 10 Man
    •Second on Server

    Contact Information
    For more information about the guild you can contact us on our web site www.ONITALL.com or reach us in game by contacting.
    Frostyfrisco (Guild Leader)
    Eleric (PvP Organizer, Officer)
    Darthhobbit ( 25 Man Raid Organizer, Officer)

    We are always looking for excellent players.

    If you are applying specifically for the team below, please mention that when applying. Or contact Darthhobbit directly.

    25 Man Progression Team for Cataclysm

    Days and Times
    Days and time are subject to change
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Optional day Monday)
    • 6-9pm ST (PST) (raid might be extended if needed for a progression kill)

    Start Date
    • We are currently looking at having our members be raid ready by December 21st.

    What we are looking for
    • Raiders that can show dedication, determination and have the drive to be a top guild on the server, and reach for server firsts.
    • Raiders that understand every aspect of their class (proper gemming, enchants, rotation/ spell priority).
    • Raiders that will take the initiative to study the different encounters and understand what you need to do when you step into the instance.
    • Be able to take constructive criticism. And be able to bounce back from a mistake.
    • Be willing to change your spec if need be, in order to help the raid group.
    • Be able to maintain 90% raid attendance.
    • Show up early and stay for the entire run. Be able to push on if needed for a progression kill.

    Loot Rules

    • Loot will be distributed via a loot council system.
    • Council will be made up of 5 senior members as well as 2 rotating raid members every other week.
    • Loot distribution will be based off the following categories; Raid attendance, performance, attitude and size of upgrade.
    • We distribute the loot this way because we feel that by properly distributing loot not only will the raiders get stronger but the team will reap the benefits.

    Current Needs
    • Warrior and Druid Tanks
    • Druid Healer
    • Pally Healer
    Holy Priest
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