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Thread: Heroic Anub'Arak 25m

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    Heroic Anub'Arak 25m

    I realize that Cata is like 3 weeks away but I was wondering if I could get some help so I can prove to my retarded ass raid leader that doing Heroic Anub with a druid and DK tank as add tanks is much harder than doing it with a pally and a warrior.

    From what I undestand, an unhittable set with BV was always highly recommended for the fight and the MT had a ton of avoidance to minimize the effect of leeching swarm.

    Now, given the gear level of this raid, mostly icc 25 heroic gear, is the fight still too difficult to pull off perfectly with a druid and DK tanking the adds? We have 1 hunter and 3 rogues, so tricksing the far adds gets a little difficult but not impossible, however with the way things have been working add control seems to be our biggest problem. Me being the druid I normally just wait and pick up the near one as it usually heads straight towards me and faerie fire the ranged one hoping it will stay on me until it gets on ice. I have noticed that they like to stop and just sit there, still targeting me from 20 feet away but not do anything, not casting, not burrowing, absolutely nothing.

    Should we just be saying screw this fight and just deal with the fact that we don't have the ideal raid setup to do the boss?

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    It's no picnic for any tank and almost no tank has a block set anymoe because they took block off all the items and with the changes as you know you get belted.

    The easiest way to do now is have 2 add tanks and actually heal them what does it matter you have massive DPS compared to what it was designed for.

    Solo add tanking just isn't worth the effort anymore.
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    Warrior tank is golden for adds. Most of them (especially given ICC25 H gear) are at least at 80% total avoidance including block. Then you have shield block on a 30 second cooldown, about 3-4 combination of oh shit buttons to keep you alive, 2 stuns for the cast (4 if you intervene a player and charge/interrupt back), an interrupt for the casters, and not to mention with vigilance on the MT and Heroic throw there is absolutely no reason why you should need a hunter to MD you (although of course it is nice if it is there).

    If you're in ICC25 H there is no reason why you can not do this one. It is practically zergable. Kill the first wave, let the 2nd wave burrow, and just smash him down.

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    Actually, with the changes, I think druid and even more DK tanks are excellent for tanking those adds. It's for the same reason that you used to want a paladin or warrior on them - they have flat-number damage reduce abilities, and those should apply before the adds melee damage gets multiplied by the debuff.

    In p3, I can see a DK tank with a lot of mastery being able to tank them without taking much damage from them.
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    Druids atm are probably close to best for them at the moment due to damage absorb. Block does not work well anymore for the adds, and we lost armor and armor effectiveness. Either way as long as you split the adds any 2 tanks are viable.
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